Friday, February 07, 2014

Build your Own $10 Virtual Reality Glasses

Marcus Hutter and Stephen Gould will speak on "Build your Own 3D Virtual Reality Glasses for 10$" at the Australian National University in Canberra, 4pm, 13 February 2014.The DIY 3D Virtual Reality Goggles are built using a smart phone and part of a Student Project.
It occurs to me that this is something which should work well with one of the new smart phones with curved display. The case to hold the phone could be manufactured with a 3D printer (with the design by the engineering students), the project crowd-funded and entered in the Innovation ACT start-up competition.
3D television and 3D cinema are becoming wide-spread, but 3D Virtual Reality goggles (or glasses), despite being a many decades old idea, are just receiving increased attention. The few commercial devices available don't sell well, in parts due to price, but a cheap alternative has emerged: A modern SmartPhone, two lenses for under 10$ and some cardboard and glue is all you need to build your own 3D-VR goggles. 
Marcus will bring his to the seminar for you to try out, and will share his experience in building and using them. Stephen will discuss potential computer vision applications and student projects. ...

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