Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Much White at Qantas Club

The taxi I booked for 8am this morning arrived at 8:30, which did not put me in a good mood for my trip to the 2nd Annual Learning Commons Development and Design Forum in Brisbane. Canberra's new airport terminal is wide and a little empty looking. Standing at the check-in I could not see the departure area or security. It looked more like a large hotel lobby than an airport. This sparseness seems to have caused disorientation for customers, with the airport having to stick extra temporary signs to the floor.

The new QANTAS club lounge in the airport is similarly large and a little empty looking. The wood panelling has a Scandinavian feel to it. The white desktops for the business area may have looked good in a brochure, but at 8:30am the sunlight shining off the surface made the computer screens hard to read. This was not helped by the use of shiny Apple Mac screens, which are good for watching a video in a dim room, but have glare problems in a well lit room.

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