Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Netfloor Cable Management Floor Tiles

Just noticed that the Cable Management Floor tile sample provided to me by Ecotile is branded "Netfloor". It appears to be a Netfloor AD-400 40 mm (1.57") UniPanel unit.
Netfloor CMS Systems ... light in weight, low in profile, fully accessible UniPanel consists 16 sub-panels distributed and simply Capped of Cable Trenches. These trenches house the Cables that can be mapped to efficiently reach all points of the floor. In the event of re-routing, caps in affected areas simply lift off, cables can then be unloaded and reloaded, Future expansion is easily achieved by extending the grid.

Netfloors have four main components: UniPanel, Base Connector to connect the UniPanel, Central Cap and Flank Cap to cover the Cable Trenches. ...

From: Netfloor CMS Brochure, 2004

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