Thursday, December 02, 2010

Knowledge Mapping for University Courses

UK's Open University has produced an interesting Knowledge Mapping/Mind Mapping tool. Some examples provided for the use of this in education are: creating open education resources, mapping PhD research, literature reviews, research support, thinking through problems, mapping learning design patterns, resource & web mapping, collating resources used within courses, virtual team working, managing documents, ideas & arguments in distributed teams, learning journeys, and capturing details of contacts, communities & links between them. The tool is called "Compendium":

Compendium is a knowledge map software tool for visual thinking. Knowledge Mapping is a key skill in 21st century lifelong learning. Fragments of information are linked in a map to make information easier to access. Compendium is based on many years research on the use of such tools in educational and workplace settings.

· People are able to see what they are thinking.

· Helps people to manage large amounts of information – e.g. in government, education, business and research. ...

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