Friday, December 12, 2008

Huawei D100 3G Router

Huawei D100 3G RouterAccording to reports on, the Huawei D100 3G Router sold in Australia by "3" as the 3 Wi-Fi Router for $129 will work with some Virgin Broadband USB wireless modems. The 3 web site says it is compatible with the: E220, E160G & E169G. The router has WiFi and an Ethernet port. So one computer can be connected via the Ethernet cable and several others can share the same 3G Internet connection at the same time via the WiFi.

The D100 got an okay review from Ross Catanzariti. UK Gadgeteer seem to suggest that the unit has the option of a 950mAh Li-Ion battery, which is not fitted to the units sold by 3.

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Tom Worthington said...

Where to I buy a Huawei D100 3G Router is Sydney or Canberra? "3" stores do not seem to have stocks yet.