Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ecohouse Challenge Update

SBS TV have released more details of their "Ecohouse Challenge". It starts Wednesdays, 7.30pm from April 11. Two families try to along with limited water, energy, rubbish removal and no private cars. There is also a viewer competition.

The idea of the show might sound trivial to committed environmentalists, but is a good way to get people interested. The prizes look suitably green: Electrolux appliances, Air-Cell insulation, Solectair Heat Transfer System, Solahart hot water systems, SunPower photoelectric solar panels and a Toyota Prius hybrid car.

Solectair Solar Ducted Heating System WITH ducted evaporative airconditioning systemThe Solectair Heat Transfer System is an interesting new Australian invention. Instead of a heater, ducts in a house are connected to fans which draw hot air from the roof cavity to warm the house in winter. This is similar in concept to the system in the new green office building in Canberra, but on a domestic scale.

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