Sunday, October 18, 2015

Talks on Open Source at Microsoft in Sydney

Steven Edouard, Felix Rieseberg and Rita Zhang will speak on "Open source at Microsoft" at the Sydney Linux User Group (SLUG) meeting, 6pm 23 October 2015 in Sydney. The SLUG meetings are free and always entertaining (it is worth attending, just to see the venue: Google Sydney HQ). While in Sydney, Steven, Felix  and Rita are also speaking at the .NET user group, Docker Meetup and .
"As you may (or may not) know, nowadays Microsoft is a big supporter of open source, so much so, that Microsoft has become one of the biggest contributors to the Linux kernel.
In this talk we'll discuss how we 'do' open source at Microsoft, including some projects we've partnered with such as Docker, Deis, Flynn, Cloud Foundry, Ember.js and a variety of others. We'll show off some of the open source integrations we've done and how you can leverage some of this open work in your own projects. Join our San Francisco-based open source engineering team for this interesting discussion on our new direction and learn more about open source at Microsoft."

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