Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Managing the World’s Natural Treasures

Greeting from the Australian National University in Canberra, where the book "Protected Area Governance and Management" has been launched by the Ambassador

to the EU. The complete text is available free on-line (in PDF of individual chapters, whole book and ePub formats) and it is designed so that chapters can be used in a course for free.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Concept, Purpose and Challenges
  3. Earth’s Natural Heritage
  4. Earth’s Cultural Heritage
  5. Social and Economic Influences Shaping Protected Areas
  6. Values and Benefits of Protected Areas
  7. Governance for the Conservation of Nature
  8. Managing Protected Areas
  9. Capacity Development
  10. Benefiting from Complexity Thinking
  11. Knowledge Generation, Acquisition and Management
  12. Leadership and Executive Management
  13. Planning
  14. Engagement and Participation in Protected Area Management: Who, why, how and when?
  15. The Media and Protected Areas
  16. Managing Threats
  17. Climate Change and Protected Areas
  18. Geoconservation in Protected Areas
  19. Managing Freshwater, River, Wetland and Estuarine Protected Areas
  20. Marine Protected Area Management
  21. Managing Protected Areas for Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Functions
  22. Managing Cultural Uses and Features
  23. Visitor Management
  24. Managing Operations and Assets
  25. Managing Resource Use and Development
  26. Managing Incidents
  27. Connectivity Conservation Management
  28. Protected Area Management Effectiveness
  29. Conclusion
ps: The book contains stunning photographs, but unfortunately this makes the downloads very large (59 MB for the whole book). I have suggested ANU Press produce a version of less than 6 MB, to make it more suitable for students to download. 

pps: The ePub version of the book can be unzipped to extract a HTML version of chapters or sections for use in study.

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