Sunday, December 07, 2014

Cancel White Bay Cruse Terminal Architecture Award

Sydney's White Bay Cruse Terminal received the 2014 Harry Seidler Award for Commercial Architecture. However, the terminal was not equipped with "shore power", requiring ships to run their diesel engines, causing high levels of air pollution from the high sulfur fuel used, as well as noise pollution. Rather than looking at the way the "light shimmers on the multifaceted surface of the ceiling", I suggest the judges should have looked at the detrimental effect this facility is having on the local environment and excluded this project from consideration for an award. I suggest the Australian Institute of Architects withdraw the award.

Tom M. Dow, VP Public Affairs for Carnival described a "Cruse Ship Shore Power Project" (2006). Ships can be equipped with high power electrical sockets and the wharf with matching plugs and cables. The photo shows the shore power connections to a ship at the Port of Seattle.

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