Monday, November 17, 2014

Permit Clotheslines on Apartment Balconies to Help Fight Climate Change

This is to suggest that the ACT Unit Titles Management Act (2011) be changed to prevent the body corporate of cluster housing, such as apartments (flats) from banning clothes drying on balconies. The  model by-law in the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act allows washing, provided it not visible from street level. There is no simialr provison in ACT law and a body corporate is not required to follow the model by-law in NSW. What is wring with washing anyway?

Given that global warming is the greatest issue of our time, having your washing out in the sunlight, rather than in a fossil fuel dryer, should be a positive statement.

Line Drying Petition
I asked one of my local representatives to make the change to the law, Andrew Barr MLA, who passed the request on to the relevant minister, Simon Corbell MLA, the ACT Minister for Environment & Sustainable Development. Minisert Corbell declined to act (coincidently I received the reply while I was attended a talk by the minister). Perhaps other Canberra residents could ask.

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