Monday, May 29, 2006

Modular Low Cost Housing for Canberra?

Keetwonen project by Tempohousing
After suggesting Canberra look at low cost, high quality, environmentally efficient modular housing a need for it came up. In May it was reported more than 100 tenants are to be evicted from a Narrabundah caravan park.

While not being an expert in housing design, I had a look around and found that first of all Canberra has a history of using prefabricated and modular housing (much of it not very good). But are now systems for building modular cluster housing (apartments and town houses).

In the most extreme case a whole apartment block for 200 people can be ordered from China. It is build in modules the size of shipping containers, sent by sea, rail and road, then assembled by a crane like building blocks.

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