Sunday, December 01, 2013

Kamerian Defence Force Threat to Australia

The general public who stumble across the article "Swift and Sure Future Communications" in Asia Pacific Defence Reporter magazine (Geoff Slocombe, November 2013), might be perplexed or alarmed by a description of a powerful invasion force heading for Australia. The article doesn't explain, for non-military readers, that the "Kamerian Defence Force" mentioned is a fictional one, commonly used in Australian Defence Force exercises for an imagined enemy (also known as the "red force"). The article describes how the enemy is detected in in Indonesia's Lombok Strait, by the JORN Radar (which is real), RAAF Triton UAVs (not yet ordered for Australia) , Collins Class submarines (in service, but of uncertain reliability), HQJOC Bungendore (real), HMAS Hobart (due to be launched 2016), F/A-18G Growlers  (ordered), KC-30A Tanker Aircraft (in service except for the tail boom, which tends to fall off), C-27J (ordered) and C-130J (in service).

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