Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Telstra complying with NBN agreement not to promote wireless rival?

As part of the agreement on the NBN, Telstra agreed "... not to actively promote wireless broadband as a direct substitution for fixed broadband".

I blogged a talk about "A National Broadband Network for Australia" in Canberra, 10th August 2011.

I noticed one of the Google ads on the page was from Telstra:

"Telstra Wireless Internet
Get High Speed Wireless Internet
Through the Telstra Turbo™ Card."
This Telstra advertisement is actively promoting wireless broadband on a web page about the NBN. Obviously Telstra should not use NBN or "National Broadband Network" for selecting web pages to pace ads on and it would be prudent to set up their ads so that they do not appear on pages featuring those terms.

If there was any doubt as to Telstra's compliance with the agreement, the ACCC could check the keywords which Telstra uses for placing web based ads, to see Telstra is taking steps to not targeting web pages which mention "NBN" or "National Broadband Network".

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