Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Google jobs and scholarships in Australia

Last week, Will Blott and Alan Noble from Google's Sydney office and Neetu Sabharwal from their ANU in Canberra.

Google are expanding their Sydney engineering center. So they need students to work as "interns" and also graduates. On the visit the Google staff emphasized that they want people who can write useful computer programs. This is different to some centers where one group of people theorize and then hand it to someone else to build a working system.

The popular Google Maps started in Sydney (at a company Google acquired). They can't say what is currently being worked on, but there is a list of jobs on the Google web site.

For students, Google offer:
One thing Google don't mention in their advertising, but which I discussed with them on their visit, is that they have labs in other countries in the Asian region. Students studying in Australian universities may well find it easier to get into Google in Australia, than in their home country. Once in, they can look to work at another Google center.

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