Tuesday, June 27, 2006

IT systems for aid

I wrote Tuesday, June 06, 2006:
Over the last few days I have helped arrange for the deployment of a web based open source disaster management system for the May Indonesian earthquake. ...
The Australian newspaper has an item today about it:
As the professional association for those working in information and communications technology, the ACS works to ensure the beneficial use of hi-tech in the community. So when we had the opportunity to support the deployment of the Sahana disaster management system after last month's Indonesian earthquake, we were quick to respond. ...
Technology lifeline in volcanic zone, The Australian, 27 June 2006
One issue which has come up is the situation where people are not in a camp, but stay near the remains of their home. This would also apply, in a bird flu outbreak, where people would recover at home. Can Sahana and similar systems be of use in these situations?

Something which also occurs to me is if these systems should have a public relations component, for helping deal with the media. Without good use of the media there may be no aid to distribute and people may not know where to get what aid there is. A significant part of the Australia government's national simulation of an outbreak of avian influenza seems to have dealt with how to handle the media.

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