Sunday, September 12, 2010

E-Moderating: the Key to Teaching and Learning Onlin

The Austrlaian Computer Society's Computer Professional Education Program is based on the Model of Online Learning developed by Gilly Salmon. This powerful and personal approach to e-learning is detailed in her book "E-Moderating: the Key to Teaching and Learning Online". The key to this technique is simple to understand but difficult to apply: guide the student, don't "teach" at them. I believe this technique can also be applied to research supervision and will be discussing this in a presentation at the 2010 ACT MoodlePosium, at the Austrlaian National University in Canberra, 7 October 2010.

I read the hardback second edition 2003 of E-Moderating. While the techniques themselves will stand the test of time, the e-learning software examples in the book are a little dated. It might be best to get the 2007 Kindle Edition or wait for the new paperback due June 2011.

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