Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cyber Security Forum in Australian Parliament House

Screen image of the web page for the fictional Concinna Day Care CentreGreetings from  Parliament House in Canberra, where I am on a panel for a Cyber Security Forum convened by Inside Canberra. This is preceded by a keynote by Michael McCormack, Assistant Minister for Defence. Perhaps I was invited to be on the panel because of the cyberwar hypothetical I wrote recently for teaching ICT Ethics at the Australian National University.

The panel was primed with some questions before the event. Here are my off-the-cuff responses:

Cyber Security and Cyber Sovereignty why it matters - Apple versus FBI

As I said on ABC News Radio a few weeks ago, on balance, I am on the FBI's side. Apple should assist with access to this one iPhone in this one case.

ASPI’s annual Cyber Security Report

I am not sure I agree with ASPI's 7/10 rating for Australia government organisational structure on cyber matters. It seems a little fragmented. Perhaps a 5/10.

Hacking from white to black and who does it

ANU has a fascinating talk on the Ruxcon 2015 Security Conference in Melbourne:

Progress on Snowden and Assange

What progress?

Policy like data storage and clouds, safe or a disaster waiting to happen

The Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy is okay, but is it being implemented? A larger issue is wghat is happening in the private sector?

Proprietary ecosystems: a threat to the open Internet?

Yes and the Chinese government has a different view of "open".

Need a G20 group on policy and enforcement

The G20 is not really set up for "enforcement". While the UN may appear slow, they do have an international infrastructure. For something to be done quicker, it needs to be done by less than twenty countries, perhaps eight.

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