Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spacecubed Co-working in Perth

Spacecubed in Perth, is a new Co-working, Collaboration and Innovation Space in the Perth CBD. Like Fishburners in Sydney and Entry 29 in Canberra, Spacecubed offers low cost shared office space to those starting up a new business venture, with the chance to meet like minded people.

One useful feature is reciprocal membership, with Spacecubed in Perh, teaming with Cityhive Geraldton and Sync Labs Leederville (also in Western Australia), as well as Fishburners Sydney, York Butter Factory Melbourne, River City Labs Brisbane, , Typewriter Factory, Hobart, and  Fill in the Blank Hong Kong.

One problem which Spacecubed has, along with other co-working spaces (in my view), is the silly name. It would be a lot easier to understand if it was called "Perth Co-working Centre", "Perth Startup Office" or the like.

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