Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pacific Tsunami Warning Cancelled

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued bulletin number 27 cancelling the Pacific regional tsunami warning at 0636Z 12 MAR 2011. In all, 27 bulletins were issued for the earthquake near the east coast of the Japanese island of Honshu, at 0546 UTC 11 March 2011. Bulletin number 1 for a Tsunami Watch was issued at 0555 UTC 11 March 2011. This was later upgraded to a Widespread Tsunami Warning for the Pacific.

The final bulletin included a list of tsunami wave heights recorded. Those over 1 m were:

CORRAL CL39.9S 73.4W0602Z1.25M / 4.1FT32MIN
ARICA CL18.5S 70.3W0619Z1.25M / 4.1FT14MIN
TALCAHUANO CL36.7S 73.1W0533Z1.06M / 3.5FT36MIN
CALLAO LA-PUNTA PE12.1S 77.2W0444Z1.67M / 5.5FT24MIN
CALDERA CL27.1S 70.8W0446Z1.41M / 4.6FT16MIN
COQUIMBO CL30.0S 71.3W0438Z1.46M / 4.8FT32MIN
MANZANILLO MX19.1N 104.3W0117Z1.45M / 4.8FT34MIN
LA LIBERTAD EC2.2S 80.9W0239Z1.23M / 4.0FT18MIN
NUKU HIVA MARQUESAS8.9S 140.1W1824Z1.48M / 4.8FT14MIN
PORT SAN LUIS CA35.2N 120.8W1654Z1.88M / 6.2FT22MIN
CRESCENT CITY CA41.7N 124.2W1657Z2.02M / 6.6FT20MIN
LOMBRUM MANUS IS PG2.0S 147.4E1529Z1.04M / 3.4FT62MIN
KAWAIHAE HAWAII20.0N 155.8W1413Z1.22M / 4.0FT14MIN
HILO HAWAII19.7N 155.1W1409Z1.41M / 4.6FT36MIN
KAHULUI MAUI20.9N 156.5W1327Z1.74M / 5.7FT52MIN
HANASAKI HOKKAIDO J43.3N 145.6E0656Z1.83M / 6.0FT24MIN
MIDWAY28.2N 177.4W1048Z1.27M / 4.2FT12MIN
OMAEZAKI HONSHU JP34.6N 138.2E0818Z1.42M / 4.6FT56MIN
DART 2141838.7N 148.7E0619Z1.08M / 3.5FT06MIN

Note: The amplitude measurement is relative to normal sea level. DART 21418 is a deep ocean measurement buoy 450 nautical miles north east of Tokyo.

For the latest reports see the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre.

For an overview of how this is reported via the Internet, see my talk notes for the East Mediterranean Tsunami Warning Centre in Istanbul.

To assist with recovery from the earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific, the Sahana Free and Open Source Disaster Management System Software is available in several languages, including English and Japanese.

The Sahana Foundation (which I am a member of) has issued a request for volunteers to assist with software support.



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