Monday, September 20, 2010

World Computer Congress Program

The World Computer Congress 2010 has so many parallel streams, speakers and topics, it is hard to keep track of. So I took a copy of the simplest version of the program (provided for mobile phones) and simplified it further. Also I have highlighted the topics and speakers which got my attention:

Day 1 - Monday 20th September

RoomTimeMore DetailsStreamTopic
GH1 & 2845 - 930View
Opening ceremony MC: Nick Tate (Local Chairman) Welcome to Country Augusto Casaca (Chair of the International Program Committee) Basie Von Solms (IFIP President) Robert Schwarten (Minister for Public Works and Information & Communication Technology)
GH1 & 2930 - 1030View
Congress plenary keynote Session chair: Nick Tate Graeme Wood AUSTRALIA The Simple Art of Entrepreneurship in the Age of Rampant Technology: How the Fundamentals Never Change
PTR1100 - 1130ViewYoung ITAccelerate your career John Ridge AUSTRALIA
P11100 - 1130ViewDeliver ITFree-Flow Tolling Project - a case study in accelerated delivery Susan Caelers AUSTRALIA
P21100 - 1130ViewValue ITIntersection between protecting IP and making innovation happen - in time! Eva Hopper GERMANY
P31100 - 1130ViewLearn ITIs Australia's Economic Skilled Immigration Program working for business today? Alan Chanesman AUSTRALIA
P41100 - 1215ViewValue ITKeynote: The power and the puzzles of auditory interfaces Penelope Sanderson AUSTRALIA
P51100 - 1230ViewDeliver ITKeynote: A Relationship Oriented Approach to LightWeight Web Semantics Hai Zhuge PR CHINA
M11100 - 1200ViewValue ITInvited talk Semantics and logic for quantum computing Bart Jacobs THE NETHERLANDS
M21100 - 1230ViewDeliver ITKeynote: Safety, Efficiency and Autonomy - Mastering Conflicting Trends in Embedded Systems Design Rolf Ernst GERMANY Authors: R. Ernst
M31100 - 1120ViewLearn ITOpening: Bernard Cornu, Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo, Nicholas James Reynolds
M41100 - 1130ViewTrust ITOpening
M51100 - 1130ViewTrust ITC-SAW: Critical Information Infrastructure Protection through Simplification Ian Ellefsen SOUTH AFRICA
M61100 - 1140ViewDeliver ITArchitecting the firm - coherency and ocnsistency in managing the enterprise Pat Turner AUSTRALIA
M71100 - 1130ViewGovern ITNarrowing the Gap between Open Standards Policy and Practice: The Dutch e-Government Experience Rutger Lammers NETHERLANDS Authors: R. Lammers, E. Folmer & M. Ehrenhard
M81100 - 1130ViewDeliver ITSession 1: Network of the Future An introduction to the Network of the Future Guy Pujolle FRANCE
M91100 - 1110ViewSustain ITChrisanthi Avgerou - introduction
F11100 - 1130ViewPlay ITInvited talk: Multiple Format Search and Rescue Robot as a Competitive Arena Andrew Chiou AUSTRALIA
M91110 - 1230ViewSustain ITKeynote An Introduction to the Relationship between ICT and Sustainable Development Lorenz Hilty SWITZERLAND
M31120 - 1150ViewLearn ITFrom Context to Competencies Christina Doerge GERMANY Authors: I. Diethelm & C. Dörge
PTR1130 - 1200ViewYoung ITPanel:Phil Lockwood
P11130 - 1200ViewDeliver ITDelivering in a Multichannel Retail World Alan Hesketh AUSTRALIA
P21130 - 1200ViewValue ITIT role in business process compliance Guido Governatori AUSTRALIA
P31130 - 1200ViewLearn ITDeveloping an integrated ICT Competency Framework: Debunking myths to posit a solution Marcus Bowles AUSTRALIA
M41130 - 1230ViewTrust ITKeynote: The 5 waves of information security - from Kristian Beckman to the present Basie Von Solms SOUTH AFRICA Authors: S.H. B. vonSolms
M51130 - 1200ViewTrust ITWireless Sensor Networks for the Protection of an Electrical Energy Distribution Infrastructure Augusto Casaca PORTUGAL
M71130 - 1200ViewGovern ITProviding Adaptive and Evolving Government e-Services through Citizen-Centric Process Views John Krogstie NORWAY Authors: G. Aagesen & J. Krogstie
M81130 - 1200ViewDeliver ITSession 2: Architectures Future Internet is by Ethernet Raimo Kantola FINLAND
F11130 - 1200ViewPlay ITAn online classification approach of visitors' movements in 3D virtual museums Kingkarn Sookhanaphibarn JAPAN Authors: K. Sookhanaphibarn & R. Thawonmas
M61140 - 1210ViewDeliver ITDefining Leadership as Process Reference Model: translating organizational goals into practice using a structured leadership approach David Tuffley AUSTRALIA
M31150 - 1210ViewLearn ITDigital literacy: A vital competence for 2010? Denise Leahy & Dudley Dolan IRELAND Authors: D. Leahy & D. Dolan
PTR1200 - 1230ViewYoung ITHow I made a business out of Information Management Ana Govan AUSTRALIA
P11200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITFrom E-Transactions to M-Transactions: Enabling mobile transactions with information assurance Clarence Tan & Chris Lane AUSTRALIA
P21200 - 1230ViewValue ITIT is not about me Vince Gill AUSTRALIA
P31200 - 1230ViewLearn ITE-learning readiness toolkit Mike Collett, Jenny Hunt UNITED KINGDOM, Phil Candy AUSTRALIA
M11200 - 1230ViewValue ITSlicing behaviour tree models for verification Nisansala Yatapanage AUSTRALIA Authors: N. Yatapanage, K. Winter & S. Zafar
M51200 - 1230ViewTrust ITCritical infrastructure protection risk modelling with games technology Martin Masek AUSTRALIA Authors: M Masek, A. Boeing & W. Bailey
M71200 - 1230ViewGovern ITDiscussion
M81200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITOn the way to a theory for network architectures Thi-Mai-Trang Nguyen FRANCE
F11200 - 1230ViewPlay ITA Machine That Day-Dreams Graham Mann AUSTRALIA Authors: G. A. Mann
M31210 - 1220ViewLearn ITGrundtvig Partnership Case Study 2009-2011. LifeLong Learning for Active Citizenship and Capacity Building -LLLab Anna Grabowska POLAND Authors: A. Grabowska
M61210 - 1230ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
P41215 - 1230ViewValue IT"1-minute madness" poster presentations
M31220 - 1230ViewLearn ITCompetencies and skills: Filling old skins with new wine Christina Doerge GERMANY Authors: C. Doerge
P11330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITBuilding a Smarter Planet: City by City Glen Boreham AUSTRALIA
P21330 - 1400ViewValue ITAustralian Council of Deans of ICT
P31330 - 1400ViewLearn ITSchool 2.0: Where We're Headed, Why, and What We Can Do About It Steve Hargadon CANADA
P41330 - 1400ViewValue ITImproving the Search for User Interface Design Patterns through Typed Relationships Jordan Janeiro GERMANY Authors: J. Janeiro, S. D. J Barbosa, T. Springer & A. Schill
P51330 - 1355ViewDeliver ITEcologically Rational Agency John Debenham AUSTRALIA Authors: J. Debenham & C. Sierra
M11330 - 1400ViewValue ITSafe equivalences for security properties Miguel Andres THE NETHERLANDS Authors: M. S. Alvim, M. E. AndrÂŽs, C. Palamidessi & P. van Rossum
M21330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITRialto 2.0: A Language for Heterogeneous Computations Andreas Dahlin FINLAND Authors: J. Lilius, A. Dahlin & L. Morel
M31330 - 1350ViewLearn ITThe Paradox of more Flexibility in Education Henk Plessius THE NETHERLANDS Authors: H. Plessius & P. Ravesteyn
M41330 -ViewTrust ITA Business Continuity Management Simulator Lam-For Kwok HONG KONG, SAR OF CHINA Authors: Lam-for Kwok, W. J.Caelli & D. Longley
M51330 - 1400ViewTrust ITDiscrete event simulation of QoS of a SCADA system interconnecting a Power grid and a Telco network Michele Minichino ITALY
M61330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITValuation of procurement flexibility in the machinery and equipment industry using the real option approach Alexander Kleinert GERMANY
M71330 - 1430ViewGovern ITInvited speaker: Access and reuse of public sector information (PSI) in an era of Gov 2.0 Brian Fitzgerald AUSTRALIA
M81330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITGreen Network Planning Model for Optical Backbones Jose Gutierrez DENMARK
M91330 - 1350ViewSustain ITICT and the environment in developing countries: a review of opportunities and developments John W Houghton AUSTRALIA Authors: J. W. Houghton
F11330 - 1400ViewPlay ITCluster analysis for personalised mobile entertainment content Worapat Paireekreng AUSTRALIA W. Paireekreng, K. Wai Wong & C. C. Fung
M31350 - 1410ViewLearn ITApplication of the Multiple Perspectives Model in an Undergraduate Course Célio Gonçalo Marques PORTUGAL Authors: C. G. Marques & A. A. A. Carvalho
M91350 - 1410ViewSustain ITA model and selected instances of green and sustainable software Markus Dick GERMANY Authors: M. Dick, S. Naumann & N. Kuhn
P51355 - 1420ViewDeliver ITInvolving the Human User in the Control Architecture of an Autonomous Agent Roberto Micalizio ITALY Authors: R. Micalizio, G. Nuzzolo, E. Scala & P. Torasso
PTR1400 - 1430ViewYoung ITOne laptop per child program Rangan Srikhanta AUSTRALIA
P11400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITJoomla - The Paradox of Commercially Viable Free Open Source Software Andrew Eddie AUSTRALIA
P31400 - 1430ViewLearn ITWeb 2.0 meets lesson plans: sharing good eTeaching ideas James Dalziel AUSTRALIA
P41400 - 1430ViewValue ITContributions of psychology to the design of diagnostic decision support systems Gitte Lindgaard CANADA Authors: G. Lindgaard, J. Folkens, C. Pyper, M. Frize & R. Walker
M11400 - 1430ViewValue ITOn probabilistic alternating simulations Chenyi Zhang LUXEMBOURG Authors: C. Zhang & J. Pang
M21400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITScenario-based Modeling in Industrial Information Systems Ricardo Machado PORTUGAL Authors: R. J. Machado, J. M. Fernandes, J. P. Barros & L. Gomes
M41400 - 1230ViewTrust ITMining Business-Relevant RBAC States Through Decomposition Alessandro Colantonio ITALY Authors: A. Colantonio, R. Di Pietro, A. Ocello & N. V. Verde (to be presented via skype)
M51400 - 1430ViewTrust ITOn Planning of FTTH Access Networks with and without Redundancy Muhammad Tahir Riaz DENMARK
M61400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITBusiness Capabilities Centric Enterprise Architecture Thiago Barroero ITALY
M81400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITA solution for green communications for today and tomorrow Khaldoun Al Agha FRANCE
F11400 - 1430ViewPlay ITAuto-Explanation System: Player Satisfaction in Strategy-Based Board Games Andrew Chiou AUSTRALIA Authors: A. Chiou & K. W. Wong ??
M31410 - 1430ViewLearn ITCoping with Complex Real-World Problems: Strategies for Developing the Competency of Transdisciplinary Collaboration Gitta Domik GERMANY Authors: G. Domik & G. Fischer
M91410 - 1430ViewSustain ITManaging Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Processes - Implementing Energy Performance in Production Information Technology Systems Katharina Bunse SWITZERLAND Authors: K. Bunse & M. Vodicka
P51420 - 1530ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
P11430 - 1500ViewDeliver ITIs technology relevant to the future of online retailers? Paul Greenberg AUSTRALIA
P31430 - 1500ViewLearn ITSuccess factors in online teaching Simon Brown AUSTRALIA
P41430 - 1500ViewValue ITA Composite Task Meta-Model as a Reference Model Steve Goschnick AUSTRALIA Authors: S. Goschnick, L. Sonenberg & S. Balbo
M11430 - 1500ViewValue ITProbabilistic mobility models for mobile and wireless networks Jens Godskesen DENMARK Authors: L. Song & J. Chr. Godskesen
M21430 - 1500ViewDeliver ITAn entirely Model-based Framework for Hardware Design and Simulation Safouan Taha FRANCE Authors: S. Taha, A. Radermacher & S. Gerard
M31430 - 1450ViewLearn ITBeyond Pedagogical Content Knowledge: The Importance of TPACK for Informing Preservice Teacher Education in Australia Glenn Finger AUSTRALIA
M41430 - 1500ViewTrust ITGroup Dynamics in a Security Risk Management Context: A Teaching Case Study Stewart Kowalski & Rostyslav Barabanov SWEDEN Authors: R. Barabanov Authors: R. Barabanov
M51430 - 1500ViewTrust ITA Distributed Denial of Service Testbed Desmond Schmidt AUSTRALIA
M61430 - 1500ViewDeliver ITAn Enterprise Architecture Approach towards Environmental Management Ovidiu Noran AUSTRALIA
M71430 - 1500ViewGovern ITHands-on guideline for e-participation initiatives Maria Wimmer GERMANY Authors: S. Scherer, M. Wimmer & S. Ventzke
M81430 - 1500ViewDeliver ITInternet Sensor Grid: Experiences with Passive and Active Instruments Peter Komisarczuk NEW ZEALAND
M91430 - 1450ViewSustain ITA Reference Process for Building Information Systems to Support Sustainable Design based on LCA, PSS, Social and Economic Aspects Fabiana Santana BRAZIL Authors: F. S. Santana, C. Barberato & A. M. Saraiva
F11430 - 1500ViewPlay ITComparing binarisation techniques for the processing of ancient manuscripts Kevin Wong AUSTRALIA R. Chamchong, C. C. Fung & K. W. Wong
GH1 & 21445 - 1530View
30 mins for panel
M31450 - 1510ViewLearn ITLearning under Uncertainty: a grounded theory study Eurico Lopes PORTUGAL Authors: E. Lopes
M91450 - 1700ViewSustain ITDebate
P11500 - 1530ViewDeliver ITIf IT is to be ... John Puttick AUSTRALIA
P31500 - 1715ViewLearn ITDigitalised textbook model as a convergence e-book and e-learning Yong-Sang Cho KOREA
P41500 - 1715ViewValue ITFuture Dining Table: Dish recommendation based on dining activity recognition Tomoo Inoue JAPAN Authors: T. Inoue, Y. Seto & Y. Matsusaka
M11500 - 1530ViewValue ITFree
M21500 - 1530ViewDeliver ITExtending the Standard Execution Model of UML for Real-Time Systems Abderraouf Benyahia FRANCE Authors: A. Benyahia, A. Cuccuru, S. Taha, F. Terrier, F. Boulanger & S. Gérard
M41500 - 1530ViewTrust ITFree
M51500 - 1530ViewTrust ITRisk Modelling the Transition of SCADA Systems to IPv6 Suriadi Suriadi AUSTRALIA
M61500 - 1530ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
M71500 - 1530ViewGovern ITVirtual communities as a mechanisms for sustainable coordination within the South African Public Sector Godwin Thomas SOUTH AFRICA Authors: G. Thomas & R. Botha
M81500 - 1530ViewDeliver ITData-driven MAC for Efficient Transmission of Spatially Correlated Data in WSNs Nahdia Tabassum AUSTRALIA
F11500 - 1530ViewPlay ITComplex game design modeling Kevin Wong AUSTRALIA V. Narayanasamy, K. W. Wong, S. Rai & A. Chiou
M31510 - 1530ViewLearn ITCollaborative Research Training Based On Virtual Spaces Ramon Garcia-Martinez ARGENTINA Authors: D. Rodríguez, R. Bertone & R. García-Martínez
GH1 & 21600 - 1715View
Keynote speaker or panel session
P11600 - 1715ViewDeliver ITPanel: New technology enabled business models - those that will succeed and those that will fail Moderator: Michael Rosemann Panellists: Chris Lane Graeme Wood John Puttick Paul Greenberg John Passfield George Fidler
P21600 - 1715ViewValue ITAustralian Council of Deans of ICT
P31600 - 1630ViewLearn ITChanging Values of the Next Generation Terry Kearney AUSTRALIA
P41600 - 1615ViewValue ITDeveloping a user-centered mobile service interface based on a cognitive model of attention allocation Julia Niemann AUSTRALIA Authors: J. Niemann, V. Presse, J. Reissland & A. Naumann
P51600 - 1625ViewDeliver ITExer-Learning Games: Transferring Hopscotch from the schoolyard to the classroom Martina Lucht GERMANY Authors: M. Lucht, S. Domagk & M. Mohring
M11600 - 1630ViewValue ITOn packing splittable items with cardinality constraints Fouad Chedid LEBANON Authors: F. Chedid
M21600 - 1630ViewDeliver ITTask Migration for Fault-Tolerant FlexRay Networks Kay Klobedanz GERMANY Authors: K. Klobedanz, G. B. Defo, H. Zabel, W. Mueller & Y. Zhi
M31600 - 1620ViewLearn ITAll I need to know about Twitter in Education I learned in Kindergarten Steve Wheeler UNITED KINGDOM Authors: W. Reinhardt, S. Wheeler & M. Ebner
M41600 - 1630ViewTrust ITUsing Actor Network Theory to Understand Information Security Management Karin Hedström SWEDEN Authors: K. Hedström, G. Dhillon & F. Karlsson
M51600 - 1630ViewTrust ITFree
M61600 - 1640ViewDeliver ITInvited speaker: The emerging anatomy of eCommerce architectures: challenges and opportunities in integration and interoperability Mark Fox CANADA
M71600 - 1630ViewGovern ITExamining the role of the culture of local government on adoption and use of e-government services Nurdin Nurdin AUSTRALIA Authors: N. Nurdin, R. Stockdale & H. Scheepers
M81600 - 1630ViewDeliver ITTrust infrastructures for future energy networks Nicolai Kuntze GERMANY
M91600 - 1620ViewSustain ITIT Support for Sustainable Development in Organizations Andreas Moeller GERMANY Authors: A. Moeller & A. Rolf
F11600 - 1630ViewPlay ITCo-production and co-creation: creative practice in social inclusion Atau Tanaka UNITED KINGDOM Authors: A. Tanaka, L. Gaye & R. Richardson
P41615 - 1630ViewValue ITStructured Digital Storytelling for Eliciting Software Requirements in the ICT4D Domain Daniel Sinnig GERMANY Authors: D. Sinnig, K. Pitula, R. Becker, T. Radhakrishnan & P. Forbrig
M31620 - 1640ViewLearn ITGetting granular on Twitter - tweets from a conference and their limited usefulness for non-participants Steve Wheeler UNITED KINGDOM Authors: M. Ebner, H. Mühlburger, S. Schaffert, M. Schiefner & W. Reinhardt
M91620 - 1640ViewSustain ITUtilising the Internet to improve peasant artisan incomes: Evidence from Mexico John Dobson CANADA Authors: J. Dobson, R. Duncombe & Brian Nicholson
P51625 - 1650ViewDeliver ITSocial Relationships as a Means for Identifying an Individual in Large Information Spaces Michal Barla SLOVAKIA Authors: K. Kostková, M. Barla, & M. Bieliková
P31630 - 1715ViewLearn ITVision of the Future: Where will eLearning be in 2020? Carol Skyring AUSTRALIA
P41630 - 1645ViewValue ITDevelopment of Wearable Device by Kids - Friendly Design for Kid's Safety SeungHee Lee JAPAN Authors: S. H. Lee, J. Sohn, A. Usami & M. Hamanaka
M11630 - 1715ViewValue ITDeterministic computations in time-varying graphs: broadcasting under unstructured mobility Bernard Mans AUSTRALIA Authors: A. Casteigts, P. Flocchini, B. Mans & N. Santoro
M21630 - 1715ViewDeliver ITFlexible and Dynamic Replication Control for Interdependent Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems Luis Nogueira PORTUGAL Authors: L. Nogueira, L. M. Pinho & J. Coelho
M41630 - 1715ViewTrust ITInformation Security Governance: When Compliance Becomes more Important than Security Tobias Ruighaver AUSTRALIA Authors: T. Tan, A. B. Ruighaver & A. Ahmad
M51630 - 1715ViewTrust ITFree
M71630 - 1715ViewGovern ITDiffusing Ubuntu into e-Government: A South African Perspective Hossana Twinomurinzi SOUTH AFRICA Authors: H. Twinomurinzi, J. Phahlamohlaka & E. Byrne
M81630 - 1700ViewDeliver ITVery-high level authentication and identity for the future Christophe Kiennert FRANCE
F11630 - 1700ViewPlay ITPanel: Concept, Methodology and Future of Cultural Computing Panellists: Ryohei Nakatsu, Naoko Tosa, Matthias Rauterberg
M31640 - 1715ViewLearn ITTwitter Q&A
M61640 - 1715ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
M91640 - 1700ViewSustain ITDebate
P41645 - 1715ViewValue ITDiscussion
P51650 - 1715ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
M81700 - 1815ViewDeliver ITLeveraging Trusted Network Connect for Secure Connection of Mobile Devices to Corporate Networks Kai-Oliver Detken GERMANY
GH1 & 21715 - 1815View
Plenary speaker Session chair: Nick Tate Alan Noble AUSTRALIA Innovation in the Cloud
GH1 & 21815 - 1930View
Welcome Reception Speaker: Paul Lucas (Deputy Premier Queensland)
GH1 & 21930 -ViewYoung ITYIT Dinner

Day 2 - Tuesday 21st September

RoomTimeMore DetailsStreamTopic
GH1 & 20700 - 0930View
ACS Women's Breakfast (Room M3) - Where are all the women in ICT?Congress plenary keynote Session chair: Nick Tate
GH1 & 2900 - 1000View
ICT? Congress plenary keynote Session chair: Nick Tate Nicholas Carr Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth
GH1 & 21030 - 1115View
Keynote: Computers for Schoolchildren: A Busted Flush? Sir John Daniel CANADA
PTR1030 - 1100ViewValue ITWhat are the "big" issues in IP in relation to computing technology? Ralf Abbing THE NETHERLANDS
P11030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITDelivering a Responsive Technology Capability using Virtualisation and Clouds Nick Brant AUSTRALIA
P21030 - 1100ViewGovern ITGoverning IT to Maximise Business Value... Going Up a Gear on Value Governance Peter Harrison AUSTRALIA
P41030 - 1100ViewValue ITTowards a Usability Coaching Method for Introducing Usability in Organisations Asa Cajander SWEDEN Authors: Ã…. Cajander, E. Eriksson & J. Gulliksen
P51030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITJ-PMCRI: A Methodology for Inducing Pre-Pruned Modular Classification Rules Max Bramer UNITED KINGDOM Authors: F. Stahl, M. Bramer & M. Adda
M11030 - 1100ViewValue ITInvited talk: On the relation between adaptive side-channel attacks and information theory Catuscia Palamidessi FRANCE Authors: C. Palamidessi Chair: Sabina Rossi
M21030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITGeneration of Executable Testbenches from Natural Language Requirement Specifications for Embedded Real-Time Systems Wolfgang Mueller GERMANY Authors: W. Mueller, A. Bol, A. Krupp & O. Lundkvist
M41030 - 1100ViewTrust ITUnderstanding Domain Registration Abuses Scott Coull UNITED STATES Authors: S. Coull, A. White, T. Yen, F. Monrose & M. Reiter
M51030 - 1050ViewTrust ITCivil society must publish standards documents Roger Clarke AUSTRALIA Authors: R. Clarke
M61030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITA Metamodel for Enterprise Architecture Peter Bernus AUSTRALIA
M71030 - 1100ViewGovern ITTransformative and Innovative e-Government for the Next Generation: Linkages of Back Offices for One-stop Portal Osamu Sudoh JAPAN Authors: O. Sudoh & Y. Kinoshita
M81030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITOpenFlow and Xen-Based Virtual Network Migration Otto Duarte BRAZIL
M91030 - 1100View
The Power of the True Alan Perkins AUSTRALIA
F11030 - 1100ViewPlay ITHaptic Carillon: a computationally enhanced mechanical performing instrument Fazel Naghdy AUSTRALIA Authors: M. Havryliv, F. Naghdy, G. Schiemer & T. Hurd
M51050 - 1110ViewTrust ITCitizen surveillance of the State: a mirror for eGovernment? Jeroen Verplanke THE NETHERLANDS Authors: J. Verplanke & J. Martinez, G. Miscione, Y. Georgiadou, D. Coleman & A. W.Hassan
P51055 - 1120ViewDeliver ITEnhancement of Infrequent Purchased Product Recommendation Using Data Mining Techniques Noraswaliza Abdullah AUSTRALIA Authors: N. Abdullah, Y.X u, S. Geva, & M. Looi
PTR1100 - 1130ViewValue ITProject Connect: Learnings from an Innovative Go To Market for Telecommunications Services Daniel Beecham AUSTRALIA
P11100 - 1130ViewDeliver ITThe Datacenter as we know it today is dead! Victor Medici AUSTRALIA
P21100 - 1130ViewGovern ITThe Impact of IT Governance on Internal Firm Process Performance and overall Firm Performance Peter Green AUSTRALIA
P41100 - 1130ViewValue ITThe Focus on Usability in Testing Practices in Industry Marta Larusdottir ICELAND Authors: M. Larusdottir, E. Run Bjarnadottir & J. Gulliksen
M11100 - 1130ViewValue ITKeynote: Safety, Efficiency and Autonomy - Mastering Conflicting Trends in Embedded Systems Design Rolf Ernst GERMANY Authors: R. Ernst
M21100 - 1120ViewDeliver ITModel Checking of Concurrent Algorithms: From Java to C Cyrille Artho JAPAN Authors: C. Artho, M. Hagiya, W. Leungwattanakit, Y. Tanabe & M. Yamamoto
M41100 - 1130ViewTrust ITWho On Earth is "Mr Cypher": Automated Friend Injection Attacks on Social Networking Sites Markus Huber AUSTRIA Authors: M. Huber, M. Mulazzani & E. Weippl
M61100 - 1130ViewDeliver ITCommunication as a Crucial Element for Enterprise Architecture Management in Virtual Organization Taivo Kangilaski ESTONIA
M71100 - 1130ViewGovern ITThe Influence of Resource Dependency Tolerance on Inter-Organisational Alliance Governance Mark Borman AUSTRALIA Authors: M. Borman
F11100 - 1130ViewPlay IT3D geometric and haptic modelling of handwoven textile artefacts Fazel Naghdy AUSTRALIA Authors: H. Shidanshidi, F. Naghdy, G. Naghdy & D. Wood Conroy
M51110 - 1130ViewTrust ITPrivacy enhanced fraud resistant road pricing Jaap-Henk Hoepman THE NETHERLANDS Authors: J. Hoepman & G. Huitema
GH1 & 21115 - 1230View
Panel: Personalisation of Learning – Are We There Yet?
P51120 - 1145ViewDeliver ITA Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Winning Patterns in Track Cycling Omnium Bahadorreza Ofoghi AUSTRALIA Authors: B. Ofoghi, J. Zeleznikow, C. MacMahon & D. Dwyer
M31120 - 1150ViewLearn ITUse of ICT to Assist Students with Learning Difficulties: An Actor-Network Analysis Tas Adam AUSTRALIA Authors: T. Adam & A. Tatnall
PTR1130 - 1200ViewValue ITInformation-Driven Business: How to Manage Data and Information for Maximum Advantage Robert Hillard AUSTRALIA
P11130 - 1200ViewDeliver ITIs your organisation instrument-rated to fly in the Cloud? Rob Livingstone AUSTRALIA
P21130 - 1200ViewGovern ITInformation Management - Through the Eyes of a Chief Internal Auditor Bruce Turner AUSTRALIA
P41130 - 1200ViewValue ITAdded Value of Eye Tracking in Usability Studies: Expert and Non-expert Participants Judy Van Biljon SOUTH AFRICA Authors: M. C. Pretorius, J. van Biljon & E. de Kock
M11130 - 1200ViewValue ITText processing Chair: Gilles Dowek Online dictionary matching for streams of XML documents Panu Silvasti FINLAND Authors: P. Silvasti, S. Sippu & E. Soisalon-Soininen
M21130 - 1210ViewDeliver ITIntegrate Online Model Checking into Distributed Reconfigurable System on Chip with Adaptable OS Services Sufyan Samara GERMANY Authors: S. Samara, Y. Zhao & F. Rammig
M41130 - 1200ViewTrust ITAuthentic Refinement of Semantically Enhanced Policies in Pervasive Systems Julian Schütte GERMANY Authors: J. Schütte, N. Kuntze, A. A. Fuchs & A. Badii
M51130 - 1150ViewTrust ITPrivacy in distributed commercial applications Nicolai Kuntze GERMANY Authors: N. Kuntze & C. Rudolph
M61130 - 1150ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
M71130 - 1200ViewGovern ITContent Management as the Center of a Shared Service Center Implementation: A US Public Sector Case Study Marijn Janssen NETHERLANDS Authors: A. Joha & M. Janssen
M81130 - 1200ViewDeliver ITVirtual Network Urbanization Guy Pujolle FRANCE
F11130 - 1200ViewPlay ITPocket Gamelan: realizations of a microtonal composition on a Linux phone using open source music synthesis software Greg Schiemer AUSTRALIA Authors: G. Schiemer, E. Deleflie & E. Cheng
M31150 - 1210ViewLearn ITMaking computer learning easier for older adults: a community study of tuition practices Michael Nycyk AUSTRALIA Authors: M. Nycyk & M. Redsell
M51150 - 1230ViewTrust ITTrends of privacy and surveillance in the information society Klaus Brunnstein GERMANY Authors: K. Brunnstein
M61150 - 1230ViewDeliver ITPanel: Future of enterprise architecture
PTR1200 - 1230ViewValue ITIT Value in the Next Decade Peter Nevin AUSTRALIA
P11200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITCloudy with a chance of latency: WAN acceleration for cloud computing Steve Dixon AUSTRALIA
P21200 - 1230ViewGovern ITIT Governance, Fad, Fact or Fiction? Tony Hayes AUSTRALIA
P31200 - 1230ViewLearn ITRevitalising mathematics education with spreadsheets Steve Sugden AUSTRALIA
P41200 - 1230ViewValue ITSupporting the Spreadsheet Idea for Interactive Database Applications Thomas Hasart GERMANY Authors: M. Gleichmann, T. Hasart, I. Bruder & P. Forbrig
M11200 - 1230ViewValue ITTBA
M21200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITEfficient Mutation-Analysis Coverage for Constrained Random Verification Tao Xie GERMANY Authors: T. Xie, W. Mueller & F. Letombe
M41200 - 1230ViewTrust ITMobile Qualified Server Signature Clemens Orthacker AUSTRIA Authors: C. Orthacker, M. Centner & C. Kittl
M71200 - 1230ViewGovern ITDiscussion
M81200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITNew Routing Paradigms for the Next Internet Djamel Sadok BRAZIL
F11200 - 1230ViewPlay ITCreating memory: reading a patching language Michael Barkl AUSTRALIA Authors: M. Barkl
M31210 - 1230ViewLearn ITHome access: Providing computers to families via a national strategy Eva Dakich AUSTRALIA Authors: N. Yelland, G. Neal & E. Dakich
GH1 & 21330 - 1415View
Panel: Implications of the Cloud - The Next Frontier Moderator: Peter Fritz Panellists: Nicholas Carr, Deborah Anton, Sabeena Oberoi, Alan Perkins, Leo Silver Nick Tate
PTR1330 - 1400ViewValue ITPanel session: ICT & politics Facilitator: Joel NationPanellists: Kevin Landale Miles Blicharz
P21330 - 1400ViewGovern ITTaming government ICT investment through enterprise architecture and ICT policy Alan Chapman AUSTRALIA
P31330 - 1400ViewLearn ITImplementation of the Digital Education Revolution Evan Arthur AUSTRALIA
P41330 - 1355ViewValue ITWhat is culture? Toward common understandings of culture in HCI Anette Loftstrom SWEDEN Authors: A. Loftstrom
P51330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITLearning Motor Control by Dancing YMCA Rikke Amilde Lovlid NORWAY Authors: R. A. Løvlid
M11330 - 1400ViewValue ITThe duality of computation under focus Pierre-Louis Curien FRANCE Authors: P. Curien & G. Munch-Maccagnoni
M21330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITGenerating VHDL source code from UML models of embedded systems Marco Wehrmeister BRAZIL Authors: T. G. Moreira, M. A. Wehrmeister, C. E. Pereira, J. Pétin & E. Levrat
M31330 - 1350ViewLearn ITHuman Development Process and Informatics Education in 21st Cenurty Toshinori Saito JAPAN Authors: T. Saito
M41330 - 1400ViewTrust ITFraud Detection in ERP Systems using Scenario Matching Malcolm Corney AUSTRALIA Authors: A. K. Islam, M. Corney, G. Mohay, A. Clark, S. Bracher, T. Raub & U. Flegel
M51330 - 1500ViewTrust ITPanel: Privacy Â…going, going, gone? Moderator: Renato Iannella AUSTRALIA Panellists: Malcolm Crompton AUSTRALIA Kai Rannenberg GERMANY Linda Matthews AUSTRALIA Roger Clarke AUSTRALIA Anna Sharpe AUSTRALIA
M61330 - 1410ViewDeliver ITSemantic harmonization for seamless networked SCP in the future of internet Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves PORTUGAL
M71330 - 1400ViewGovern ITProcess Modeling Semantics for Complex Business Environments Igor Hawryszkiewicz AUSTRALIA Authors: I. Hawryszkiewicz
M81330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITInterconnection of Optical Metro Ring Networks: End-to-End Performance Tulin Atmaca FRANCE
M91330 - 1400View
Keynote: An illustrated history of early Australian computing Max Burnet AUSTRALIA
F11330 - 1400ViewPlay ITThe promise of fuzzy logic in generalised music composition Wendy Suiter AUSTRALIA Authors: W. Suiter
M31350 - 1410ViewLearn ITIntentions to Pursue a Career in Information Systems and Technology: An Empirical Study of South African Students Jason Cohen SOUTH AFRICA Authors: J. F. Cohen & P. Parsotam
P51355 - 1420ViewDeliver ITAnalysis and Comparison of Probability Transformations for Fusing Sensors with Uncertain Detection Performance Edwin El-Mahassni AUSTRALIA Authors: E. El-Mahassni, S. Davey & J. Legg
PTR1400 - 1430ViewValue ITHow to become the Number One in your ICT Career? - Advice from CareerOne! Kate Southam AUSTRALIA
P21400 - 1430ViewGovern ITMaking the Most of Wireless Networks - Use existing infrastructure to deliver vital services to the point of demand Maree Adshead AUSTRALIA
P31400 - 1430ViewLearn ITThe VCE IT Curriculum and the importance of IT in the National Curriculum Adrian Janson AUSTRALIA
P41400 - 1430ViewValue ITPersonalized Support, Guidance, and Feedback by Embedded Assessment and Reasoning: What we can Learn from Educational Computer Games Michael Kickmeier-Rust AUSTRIA Authors: M. Kickmeier-Rust & D. Albert
M11400 - 1430ViewValue ITPolarised resolution modulo Gilles Dowek FRANCE Authors: G. Dowek
M21400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITRACE: A Rapid, ArChitectural Simulation and Synthesis Framework for Embedded Processors Sri Parameswaran AUSTRALIA Authors: R. Ragel, A. Ambrose, J. Peddersen & S. Parameswaran
M41400 - 1430ViewTrust ITUse of IP Addresses for High Rate Flooding Attack Detection Ejaz Ahmed AUSTRALIA Authors: E. Ahmed, G. Mohay, A. Tickle & S. Bhatia
M71400 - 1430ViewGovern ITA Role-involved Conditional Purpose-based Access Control Model Md Enamul Kabir AUSTRALIA Authors: M. Enamul Kabir, H. Wang & E. Bertino
M81400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITA Relative Bandwidth Allocation Method Enabling Fast Convergence in XCP Le Hieu Hanh JAPAN
F11400 - 1430ViewPlay ITStructuralism, attitude and the computer: questioning the notion of 'cultural computing' Warren Burt AUSTRALIA Authors: W. Burt
M31410 - 1430ViewLearn ITInformatics Systems and Modeling - Case Studies of Expert Interviews Johannes Magenheim GERMANY Authors: L. Lehner, J. Magenheim, W. Nelles, T. Rhode, N. Schaper, S. Schubert & P. Stechert
M61410 - 1440ViewDeliver ITLearning Interoperability in Emerging Supplier Networks Georg Weichhart AUSTRIA
GH1 & 21415 - 1500View
Keynote speaker
P51420 - 1435ViewDeliver ITSpeaker Verification System using a Hierarchical Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference Systems (HANFIS) Zohreh Soozanchi IRAN Authors: K. Zohreh Soozanchi , R. Mohammad, T. Akbarzadeh, M. Yaghoobi, & S. Rahati
PTR1430 - 1500ViewValue ITThe Evolution of the IT Professional Chris Scullin AUSTRALIA
P11430 - 1500ViewDeliver ITQuantifying Cloud Readiness: An implementerÂ’s perspective Dharmender Kapoor INDIA
P21430 - 1500ViewGovern ITThe Value of IT Governance - Stories from the Trenches Catherine Blunt AUSTRALIA
P31430 - 1500ViewLearn ITAligning existing digital learning resources and systems with the Australian curriculum Jerry Leeson AUSTRALIA
P41430 - 1500ViewValue ITInvestigating Sociability and Affective Responses of Elderly Users through Digitally-Mediated Exercises: A Case of the Nintendo Wii Yin-Leng Theng SINGAPORE Authors: Y. Theng
M11430 - 1500ViewValue ITA logic on subobjects and recognizability Sander Bruggink GERMANY Authors: H.J. Sander Bruggink & B. Kšnig
M21430 - 1500ViewDeliver ITA Mixed Level Simulation Environment for Stepwise RTOS Software Refinement Markus Becker GERMANY Authors: M. Becker, H. Zabel & W. Mueller
M31430 - 1450ViewLearn ITConditions for successful learning of programming skills Jaana Holvikivi FINLAND Authors: J. Holvikivi
M41430 - 1500ViewTrust ITAugmenting Reputation-based Trust Metrics with Rumor-like Dissemination of Reputation Information Sascha Hauke GERMANY Authors: S. Hauke, M. Pyka, M. Boschbach & D. Heider
M71430 - 1500ViewGovern ITPanel Session: New applications: what's new? Panellists:: John Suffolk, Brian Fitzgerald, Lalit Sawhney
M81430 - 1450ViewDeliver ITOn the interest of introducing randomness in ad-word auctions Bruno Tuffin FRANCE
M91430 - 1500View
Connections in the history of Australian computing John Deane AUSTRALIA Authors: J. Deane
F11430 - 1500ViewPlay ITLooking for Culture in Video Games: Three Conceptual Approaches James Scarborough UNITED STATES Authors: J. K. Scarborough
P51435 - 1500ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
M61440 - 1510ViewDeliver ITResearch on Quality of Transaction Standards: The Maturity of a Research Topic Rutger Lammers THE NETHERLANDS
M31450 - 1510ViewLearn ITIP3 - Progress towards a Global ICT Profession Roger Johnson UNITED KINGDOM Authors: R. G. Johnson
GH1 & 21500 - 1530View
IPC Panel
PTR1500 - 1530ViewValue ITThe Role of IT in Business Transformation Dean Holt AUSTRALIA
P11500 - 1530ViewDeliver ITWhat's wrong with business people... And how to fix IT Rob Roe AUSTRALIA
P21500 - 1530ViewGovern ITGovernance of IT - the role of the project sponsor Rimas Skeivys AUSTRALIA
P31500 - 1715ViewLearn ITLessons from and open world Allyn Radford AUSTRALIA
P41500 - 1715ViewValue ITAcquaintances Clustering for Social Relationship-Based Indexing of Digital Photos Jonghak Kim REPUBLIC OF KOREA Authors: J. Kim, T. Jang, J. Yang & J. Ryu
M11500 - 1530ViewValue ITTerminating tableaux for SOQ with number restrictions on transitive roles Mark Kaminski GERMANY Authors: M. Kaminski & G. Smolka
M21500 - 1600ViewDeliver ITGlobal Best-Case Response Time for Improving the Worst-Case Response Times in Distributed Real-Time Systems Victor Pollex GERMANY Authors: S. Kollmann, V. Pollex & F. Slomka
M41500 - 1600ViewTrust ITEx-SDF: An Extended Service Dependency Framework For Intrusion Impact Assessment Nizar Kheir FRANCE Authors: N. Kheir, N. Cuppens-Boulahia, F. Cuppens & H. Debar
M51500 - 1530ViewTrust ITfree slot
M81500 - 1530ViewDeliver ITfree
M91500 - 1600View
Why the Real Thing is Essential for Telling our Stories David Demant AUSTRALIA Authors: D. Demant
F11500 - 1600ViewPlay ITSupporting Multiple Perspectives on 3D Museum Artefacts through Interoperable Annotations Jane Hunter AUSTRALIA Authors: J. Hunter & C. Yu
M31510 - 1530ViewLearn ITEvaluating the Cisco Networking Academy Program's Instructional Model against Bloom's Taxonomy for the purpose of Information Security Education for Organizational End-users Johan Van Niekerk SOUTH AFRICA Authors: J. F. van Niekerk & K. Thomson
M61510 - 1530ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
GH1 & 21600 - 1730View
Congress plenary keynote Session chair: Nick Tate A Just Digital Society Richard Stallman USA
PTR1600 - 1630ViewValue ITBLKMGK: The Business of Being Young in IT AJ Kulatunga AUSTRALIA
M31600 - 1620ViewLearn ITTechnology and Computers in Music and Music Education Nicholas Reynolds AUSTRALIA Authors: N. Reynolds
M81600 - 1630ViewDeliver ITThe Role and Future Challenges of Wireless Communication Networks for Cooperative Autonomous City Vehicles Andrei Furda AUSTRALIA
M31620 - 1640ViewLearn ITT'aint what you do (it's the way that you do it): ICT and creativity in the primary school classroom Mary Welsh UNITED KINGDOM Authors: M. Welsh & R. Condie
PTR1630 - 1700ViewValue ITYasas Abeywickrama AUSTRALIA Wrap-up
M81630 - 1700ViewDeliver ITPerformance Analysis of User-Centric Network Selection and Network-Centric Resource Allocation Approaches In Wireless Networks Manzoor Ahmed Khan AUSTRALIA
M31640 - 1700ViewLearn ITTwitter Q&A
M31700 - 1730ViewLearn ITInformatics and ICT in Higher Education
M81700 - 1730ViewDeliver ITWiFi NG versus 4G in 2015 Guy Pujolle FRANCE
P31715 -ViewLearn ITCoMICTA meeting
P41715 -ViewValue ITCERT Australia panel

Day 3 - Wednesday 22nd September

RoomTimeMore DetailsStreamTopic
GH1 & 2900 - 1000View
Congress plenary keynote Session chair: Nick Tate John Suffolk UNITED KINGDOM Shifting the paradigm of Government ICT. How do you maximise the reality behind technology such as Cloud computing yet still retain the balance between localism and
GH1 & 21030 - 1115View
Keynote speaker
PTR1030 - 1100View
IP3 - International Professional Practice Partnership. Transforming Professional Practice. Who are we? What are we doing? What next? Greg Lane Roger Hart Moira de Roche
P11030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITAny3 connectivity - Anywhere, Any place, Any time Todd McGregor AUSTRALIA
P21030 - 1100ViewGovern ITChange today & tomorrow: What the future holds for CIOs Kumar Parakala INDIA
P31030 - 1100ViewLearn ITWonder, Sorcery, and Technology: Contribute to the History of Medieval Robotics Nadia Ambrosetti ITALY Authors: N. Ambrosetti
P41030 - 1100ViewValue ITGenerating exploratory search interfaces for the Semantic Web Michal Tvarozek SLOVAKIA Authors: M. Tvarozek & M. Bieliková
P51030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITA Case-based Approach to Business Process Monitoring Stefania Montani ITALY Authors: S. Montani & G. Leonardi
M11030 - 1100ViewValue ITInvited talk: Full abstraction for safety and liveness properties Rob Van Glabbeek AUSTRALIA
M21030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITDependency-Driven Distribution of Synchronous Programs Daniel Baudisch GERMANY Authors: D. Baudisch, J. Brandt & K. Schneider
M31030 - 1100ViewLearn ITEducational Management Challenges for the 21st Century Ann Wilson SPAIN Authors: F. R. Tarragó & A. E. Wilson
M41030 - 1100ViewTrust ITA Dynamic and Ubiquitous Smart Card Security Assurance and Validation Mechanism Raja Naeem Akram UNITED KINGDOM Authors: R. N. Akram, K. Markantonakis & K. Mayes
M51030 - 1050ViewTreat ITOpening remarks; Keynote presentation: Up-dated Topics in Healthcare Informatics Hiroshi Takeda JAPAN
M61030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITDigital Business Ecosystem Tools as Interoperability Drivers Maria Raffai HUNGARY
M71030 - 1050ViewGovern ITThe demographic factors affecting university students' intention to pirate software Linda Spark SOUTH AFRICA Authors: L. Spark
M91030 - 1100ViewPlay ITInteractivity in games: the player's engagement Stephane Natkin FRANCE Authors: S. Natkin
F11030 - 1130ViewDeliver ITKeynote presentation: Technological Challenges for New Service Models in Developing Countries Aruna Seneviratne AUSTRALIA
M71050 - 1110ViewGovern ITExploring the Digital Divide in Maldives Mohamed Shareef MACAO, SAR OF CHINA Authors: M. Shareef, A. Ojo & T. Janowski
P51055 - 1120ViewDeliver ITA survey on the dynamic scheduling problem in astronomical observations Matias Mora CHILE Authors: M. Mora & M. Solar
P11100 - 1130ViewDeliver ITNetwork of the Future - AustraliaÂ’s NBN - an International Comparison of Approach Reg Coutts AUSTRALIA
P21100 - 1130ViewGovern ITICT Leadership & Governance: Building a resilient organisation in a rapidly changing world Mark Toomey AUSTRALIA
P31100 - 1130ViewLearn ITThe Monash University Museum of Computing History: Ten Years On Judy Sheard AUSTRALIA Authors: B. Ainsworth, J. Sheard & C. Avram
P41100 - 1130ViewValue ITCan Adaptive Interfaces Improve the Usability of Mobile Applications? Janet Wesson SOUTH AFRICA Authors: J. L. Wesson, A. Singh & B. van Tonder
M11100 - 1130ViewValue ITKeynote: Safety, Efficiency and Autonomy - Mastering Conflicting Trends in Embedded Systems Design Rolf Ernst GERMANY Authors: R. Ernst
M21100 - 1120ViewDeliver ITDistributed Resource-Aware Scheduling for Multi-Core Architectures with SystemC Achim Rettberg GERMANY Authors: P. A. Hartmann, K. Grüttner, A. Rettberg & I. Podolski
M31100 - 1120ViewLearn ITIn Search of the Affective Subject Interacting in the ROODA Virtual Learning Environment Patricia Behar BRAZIL Authors: M. T. Longhi, P. A. Behar & M. Bercht
M41100 - 1130ViewTrust ITOn-the-fly Inlining of Dynamic Security Monitors Alejandro Russo SWEDEN Authors: J. Magazinius, A. Russo & A. Sabelfeld
M51100 - 1120ViewTreat ITThe HL7 RIM in the design and implementation of an Information System for Clinical Investigations on Medical Devices Fabrizio Pecoraro ITALY Authors: D. Luzi, M. Contenti & F. Pecoraro
M61100 - 1130ViewDeliver ITXML in enterprise systems: its roles and benefits Jaroslav Pokorny CZECH REPUBLIC
M91100 - 1130ViewPlay ITOpening the Can: Public Interaction with Ready-made Contents Philippe Codognet JAPAN Authors: S. Dubnov & P. Codognet
M71110 - 1130ViewGovern ITBalancing Public and Private Interests in ICT Standardisation: the Case of AVS in China Junbin Su PR CHINA Authors: J. Su & V. V. Fomin
GH1 & 21115 - 1200View
Keynote speaker
PTR1115 - 1130View
Panel discussion (Webinar): IT Professional Certification - what does Industry want & why Panel chair: Stephen Ibaraki Panellists: Graham Jones Jeff Kempiners Alex YQ Lin Tan Moorthy John Oxley Graham Watson Joanne Wong
P51120 - 1135ViewDeliver ITCase-based decision support in time dependent medical domains Stefania Montani ITALY Authors: S. Montani
M31120 - 1140ViewLearn ITRecommendation of Learning Objects Applying Collaborative Filtering and Competencies Patricia Behar BRAZIL Authors: S. C. Cazella, E. B. Reategui & P. Behar
M51120 - 1130ViewTreat ITTwo human-centred approaches to health informatics: Cognitive systems engineering and usability Tania Xiao AUSTRALIA Authors: T. Xiao, W. Broxham, C. Stitzlein, J. Croll & P. Sanderson
PTR1130 - 1200View
Information-Driven Business: How to Manage Data and Information for Maximum Advantage Robert Hillard AUSTRALIA
P11130 - 1200ViewDeliver ITPanel: The trouble with networks Moderator: Simon Kaplan Hosted by QUT Panellists: David Barbagallo Peter Grant Tim Smeallie Dallas Stower
P21130 - 1200ViewGovern ITSuccess or Failure Relies on Innovative Governance and Change Management: A case study on the largest logistics and supply chain ERP roll-out in Australia this year Peter Lambert AUSTRALIA
P31130 - 1200ViewLearn ITThe many dimensions of Kristen Nygaard, creator of Object-Oriented Programming and the Scandinavian School of System Development Drude Berntsen NORWAY Authors: D. Berntsen, K. Elgsaas & H. Hegna
P41130 - 1200ViewValue ITVideo Game Design for Mobile Phones Jaime Sanchez CHILE Authors: J. Sanchez & M. Espinoza
M11130 - 1200ViewValue ITPi calculus Proof system for applied Pi calculus Jia Liu PR CHINA Authors: J. Liu & H. Lin
M21130 - 1200ViewDeliver ITA Robust Partitioned Scheduling for Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems Frederic Fauberteau FRANCE Authors: F. Fauberteau, S. Midonnet & L. George
M41130 - 1200ViewTrust ITA Metric-Based Scheme for Evaluating Tamper Resistant Software Systems Hongxia Jin USA Authors: H. Jin, & G. Myles
M61130 - 1150ViewDeliver ITSoftware Interoperability Tools: Standardized Capability-Profiling Methodology ISO16100 Michiko Matsuda JAPAN
M71130 - 1150ViewGovern ITThe European VCD service: facilitating public procurement through criteria to evidence mapping Maria Wimmer GERMANY Authors: A. Mondorf & M. A. Wimmer
M91130 - 1200ViewPlay ITEmotional Expression of Korean Dance Assisted by a Virtual Environment System Jong Il Park KOREA Authors: T. Uhm, H. Park, M. Lee, U. Kim & J. Park
F11130 - 1200ViewDeliver ITSemantic clustering in wireless sensor networks Flavia Delicato BRAZIL Authors: A. R. da Rocha, I. Leão, L.Pirmez, F. Delicato, D. G. Gomes & J. N. de Souza
P51135 - 1150ViewDeliver ITSolving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem and the Split Delivery using GRASP Metaheuristic Manuel Tupia PERU Authors: J. G. Suárez & M. T. Anticona
M31140 - 1150ViewLearn ITDesign & Development of Virtual Learning Environment using Open Source Virtual World Technology Patricia Reynolds UNITED KINGDOM Authors: S. Suman, A. Amini, B. Elson & P. Reynolds
M51140 - 1200ViewTreat ITA Step Towards Medical Ethics Modeling Jose Machado PORTUGAL Authors: J. Machado, M. Miranda, A. Abelha, J. Neves & G. Pontes
P51150 - 1300ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
M71150 - 1210ViewGovern ITMoney laundering and FATF compliance by the international community George Mohay AUSTRALIA Authors: A. Alkaabi, G. Mohay, A. McCullagh & N. Chantler
GH1 & 21200 - 1230View
PTR1200 - 1230View
IT Value in the Next Decade Peter Nevin AUSTRALIA
P11200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITCloudy with a chance of latency: WAN acceleration for cloud computing Steve Dixon AUSTRALIA
P21200 - 1230ViewGovern ITIntegrated Court System (ICS) Malaysia: An ICT innovation success in Judicial sector Tan Sri Richard Malanjum MALAYSIA
P31200 - 1230ViewLearn ITProjects and activities of the IPSJ computer history committee Eiiti Wada JAPAN Authors: E. Wada
P41200 - 1230ViewValue ITDiscussion
M11200 - 1230ViewValue ITConcurrent pattern calculus Thomas Given-Wilson AUSTRALIA Authors: T. Given-Wilson, D. Gorla & B. Jay
M21200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITAn Infrastructure for Flexible Runtime Reconfigurable Multi-Microcontroller Systems Claudius Stern GERMANY Authors: C. Stern, P. Adelt, M. Schmitz, L. Kleinjohann & B. Kleinjohann
M41200 - 1220ViewTrust ITA Theoretical Framework to Foster Digital Literacy: The Case of Digital Learning Resources Said Hadjerrouit NORWAY Authors: S. Hadjerrouit
M41200 - 1230ViewTrust ITEvaluation of the Offensive Approach in Information Security Education Martin Mink GERMANY Authors: M. Mink & R. Greifeneder
M51200 - 1220ViewTreat ITOverview of the health informatics research field: A bibliometric approach Hai-Ning Liang AUSTRALIA Authors: H. Liang
M61200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
M91200 - 1230ViewPlay ITEmotion as a Communication Medium between the Unconscious and the Conscious Matthias Rauterberg THE NETHERLANDS Authors: M. Rauterberg
F11200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITC3TO: a scalable architecture for mobile tutoring over cell phones Reinhardt Botha SOUTH AFRICA Authors: L. Butgereit & R. A. Botha
M71210 - 1230ViewGovern ITDiscussion
M31220 - 1230ViewLearn ITMore for Less - Live Systems Learning Andy Schaer SWITZERLAND Authors: A. Schaer
M51220 - 1230ViewTreat ITDiscussion
GH1 & 21330 - 1345View
Pearcey Foundation roundtable debatesponsored by CSIRO and NICTA
PTR1330 - 1400View
Global perspectives on ICT Professionalism Don Robertson & Niko Schlamberger
P11330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITWireless innovation in Australia Max Jennings AUSTRALIA
P21330 - 1400ViewGovern ITNBN: The future Sen Stephen Conroy AUSTRALIA
P41330 - 1355ViewValue ITContested Histories: De-mythologising the early history of modern British Computing. David Anderson UNITED KINGDOM Authors: D. Anderson
P41330 - 1355ViewValue ITEPISOSE: An Epistemology-based Social Search Framework for Exploratory Information Seeking Haifeng Shen AUSTRALIA Authors: Y. Mao, H. Shen & C. Sun
P51330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITCombining Determinism and Intuition through Univariate Decision Strategies for Target Detection from Multi-Sensors Edwin El-Mahassni AUSTRALIA Authors: E. El-Mahassni
M11330 - 1400ViewValue ITInitial segment complexities of randomness notions Rupert Hölzl GERMANY Authors: R. Hšlzl, T. KrŠling, F. Stephan & G. Wu
M21330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITModel Checking the Ant Colony Optimisation Flavio Wagner BRAZIL Authors: L. Duarte, L. Foss, F. Wagner & T. Heimfarth
M31330 - 1350ViewLearn ITWorking with wikis: Collaborative writing in the 21st century Katina Zammit AUSTRALIA Authors: K. Zammit
M41330 - 1400ViewTrust ITPanel: Research Methodologies in Information Security Research: The Road Ahead Panellists: Johan van Niekerk Louise Yngstrom
M51330 - 1350ViewTreat ITTesting for Usability is not enough: Why Clinician Acceptance of Health Information Systems is also crucial for successful implementation Jasmine Croll AUSTRALIA Authors: J. Croll
M61330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITValue added by interoperable information systems in spread production networks Dirk Oedekoven GERMANY
M71330 - 1350ViewGovern ITEthical governance for emerging ICTS: opening cognitive framing and achieving reflexivity Philippe Goujon BELGIUM Authors: P. Goujon & C. Flick
M91330 - 1400ViewPlay ITCultural computing - how to investigate a form of unconscious user experience in mixed realities Matthias Rauterberg THE NETHERLANDS Authors: M. Rauterberg, J. Hu & G. Langereis
F11330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITWireless mesh networks for infrastructure deficient areas Roman Seibel GERMANY Authors: R. Seibel, N. Klann & T. Waage
GH1 & 21345 - 1415View
Welcome and introductions
M31350 - 1410ViewLearn ITAre Wikis and Weblogs an appropriate approach to foster collaboration, reflection and students' motivation? Christian Schmidt GERMANY Authors: M. Krebs, C. Schmidt, M. Henninger, M. Ludwig & W. Müller
M51350 - 1410ViewTreat ITTowards Characteristics of Lifelong Health Records Eldridge Van Der Westhuizen SOUTH AFRICA Authors: E. Van Der Westhuizen & D. Pottas
P41355 - 1420ViewValue ITWe Constructed 50 Years ago the First Hungarian Tube Computer, the M-3. Short stories from the History of the first Hungarian Computers (1950-1960) Gyozo Kovacs HUNGARY Authors: G. Kovacs
P51355 - 1420ViewDeliver ITA UML Profile Oriented to the Requirements Modeling in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Projects Gilleanes Guedes BRAZIL Authors: G. T. A. Guedes & R. M. Vicari
PTR1400 - 1430View
How to become the Number One in your ICT Career? - Advice from CareerOne! Kate Southam AUSTRALIA
P11400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITSocial networking in the enterprise Benjamin Patey AUSTRALIA
P21400 - 1430ViewGovern ITRegional Industry Leaders Forum: Growing our next generation of technology greats Moderator: Caroline New Panellists: Sen Stephen Conroy Paul Raymond Henderson YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam Shri Sachin Pilot SV Raghavan
P41400 - 1430ViewValue ITArtificial Emotion Generation based on Personality, Mood, and Emotion for Life-like Facial Expressions of Robots Jeong Woo Park REPUBLIC OF KOREA Authors:J. W. Park, W. H. Kim, W. H. Lee & M. J. Chung
M11400 - 1430ViewValue ITTopologies refining the Cantor topology on X^{\omega} Ludwig Staiger GERMANY Authors: S. Schwarz & L. Staiger
M21400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITFeature Selection for Classification Using an Ant System Approach Nadia Abd-Alsabour AUSTRALIA Authors: N. Abd-Alsabour
M61400 - 1410ViewDeliver ITPragmatic interoperability: a systematic review of published definitions Camlon Asuncion NETHERLANDS
M71400 - 1430ViewGovern ITPanel: Moderator: John Weckert Ethics of computing: insights into today's key issues
M91400 - 1430ViewPlay ITMachine-made puzzles and hand-made puzzles Hiroshi Higashida JAPAN Authors: Hiroshi Higashida
F11400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITEstablishing low cost aquatic monitoring networks for developing countries Jarrod Trevathan AUSTRALIA Authors: J. Trevathan, I. Aitkinson, W. Read, R. Johnstone, N.Bajema & J. McGeachin
M31410 - 1430ViewLearn ITUse of Graph2Go in m-learning: a view from the pedagogical model Patricia Behar BRAZIL Authors: S. Batista, P. Behar & L. Passerino
M51410 - 1430ViewTreat ITysicians’ Concept of Time Usage - A Key Concern in EPR Deployment Rebecka Janols SWEDEN Authors: R. Janols, B. Göransson, E. Borälv & B. Sandblad
GH1 & 21415 - 1530View
Presentations from 6 research leaders
P41420 - 1445ViewValue ITAnatoly Kitov - pioneer of Russian informatics Vladimir Kitov & Valery Shilov RUSSIA Authors: V. Kitov & V. Shilov
P51420 - 1445ViewDeliver ITLearning by Collaboration in Intelligent Autonomous Systems Jorge Ierache ARGENTINA Authors: J. Lerache, R. García-Martínez & A. De Giusti
PTR1430 - 1500View
Seoul Accord & ICT Education Joe Turner
P11430 - 1500ViewDeliver ITSocial networking in the enterprise Business Change Damian Hickey AUSTRALIA
P21430 - 1500ViewGovern ITStress free technology: Lessons from a spiritual master Ajahn Brahm AUSTRALIA
P41430 - 1445ViewValue ITHuman error categorization: An extension to classical proposals applied to electrical systems operations Daniel Scherer BRAZIL Authors: D. Scherer, M. de F. Q. Vieira & J. A. do N. Neto
M11430 - 1500ViewValue ITTraceable sets Rupert Hölzl GERMANY Authors: R. Hšlzl & W. Merkle
M21430 - 1500ViewDeliver ITNovelty-Aware Attack Recognition - Intrusion Detection With Organic Computing Techniques Dominik Fisch GERMANY Authors: D. Fisch, F. Kastl & B.Sick
M31430 - 1450ViewLearn ITALEF: A Framework for Adaptive Web-based Learning 2.0 Michal Barla SLOVAKIA Authors: M. Šimko, M. Barla & M. Bieliková
M51430 - 1450ViewTreat ITOshidori-Net: Connecting regional EPR systems to achieve secure mutual reference with thin-client computing technology Shigeki Kuwata JAPAN Authors: S. Kuwata, K. Toda, K. Teramoto, H. Kondoh, N. Tamura & M. Ikeguchi
M61430 - 1440ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
M71430 - 1500ViewGovern ITPanel Session: New applications: what's new? Panellists:: John Suffolk, Brian Fitzgerald, Lalit Sawhney
M91430 - 1500ViewPlay ITCultural computing: creative power integrating culture, unconsciousness and software Naoko Tosa JAPAN Authors: N. Tosa
F11430 - 1500ViewDeliver ITInfrastructure and business model for universal broadband access in developing regions: the Ceara State Digital Belt Fernando Carvalhol BRAZIL Authors: F. Carvalho & M.Fernandez
M61440 - 1520ViewDeliver ITPanel
P41445 - 1510ViewValue ITMateriel Command and the Materiality of Commands: An Historical Examination of the US Air Force, Control Data Corporation, and the Advanced Logistics System Jeffrey Yost USA Authors: J. Yost
P41445 - 1500ViewValue ITTheoretical Model of User Acceptance: in the view of Measuring Success in Web Personalization Mohd Afandi Md Amin AUSTRALIA Authors: M. A. M. Amin & R. Nayak
P51445 - 1600ViewDeliver ITdiscussion
M31450 - 1510ViewLearn ITIntegration of a Video Annotation Tool into a coactive Learning and Working Environment Johannes Magenheim GERMANY Authors: J. Magenheim, W. Reinhardt, A. Roth, M. Moi & D. Engbring
M51450 - 1510ViewTreat ITInformation Security Sharing of Network Medical Organizations: Case Study of Remote Diagnostic Imaging Masayo Fujimoto JAPAN Authors: M. Fujimoto, K. Takeda, T. Honma, T. Kawazoe, N. Aida, H. Hagiwara & H. Sugimoto
PTR1500 - 1600View
Brisbane Declaration - pathways to more inclusive IP3 Greg Lane & IP3 Team Members
P11500 -ViewDeliver ITThe Rise of Business as a Virtual Machine - and the death of IT Simon Kaplan AUSTRALIA
P21500 - 1530ViewGovern ITGovernance of IT - the role of the project sponsor Rimas Skeivys AUSTRALIA
P41500 -ViewValue ITDiscussion
M11500 - 1600ViewValue ITOn symbolic representations of maximum matchings and (un)directed graphs Beate Bollig GERMANY Authors: B. Bollig
M21500 - 1600ViewDeliver ITEvolutionary-Computation Based Risk Assessment of Aircraft Landing Sequencing Algorithms Wenjing Zhao AUSTRALIA Authors: W. Zhao, J. Tang, S. Alam & A. Bender
M91500 -ViewPlay ITEntertainment and its future Ryohei Nakatsu SINGAPORE Authors: R. Nakatsu
F11500 - 1530ViewDeliver ITICT driven knowledge management in developing countries: a case study in a Chinese organisation Siraj Shaikh UNITED KINGDOM Authors: J. Ton & S. A. Shaikh
P41510 - 1600ViewValue ITPurpose-Built Educational Computers in the 1980s: the Australian Experience Arthur Tatnall AUSTRALIA Authors: A.Tatnall & R. Leonard
M31510 - 1530ViewLearn ITAssessment of knowledge and competencies in 3D virtual worlds: a proposal Carlos Delgado Kloos SPAIN Authors: M. B. Ibáñez, R. M. Crespo & C. D. Kloos
M51510 - 1530ViewTreat ITA Secure Framework and Related Protocols for Ubiquitous Access to Electronic Health Records Using Java SIM Cards Reza Hassanzadeh AUSTRALIA Authors: R. Hassanzadeh, T. Sahama & C. Fidge
M61520 -ViewDeliver ITClosing
GH1 & 21600 - 1700View
Debating session 3 x 12 mins plus discussions
P21600 - 1630ViewGovern ITAchieving value from ICT: How Tasmania is leading technology incubation in Australia Premier David Bartlett AUSTRALIA
M31600 - 1620ViewLearn ITTeaching practice from the perspective of ICT student teachers at the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague Miroslava Cernochova CZECH REPUBLIC Authors: M. Cernochova
M51600 - 1620ViewTreat ITCapturing and Analyzing Injection Processes with Point of Act System for improving quality and productivity of health service administration Atsushi Koshio JAPAN Authors: A. Koshio & M. Akiyama
F11600 - 1630ViewDeliver ITAchieving value from ICT: How Tasmania is leading technology incubation in Australia Premier David Bartlett AUSTRALIA
M31620 - 1640ViewLearn ITeExaminations development and acceptance Andrew Fluck AUSTRALIA Authors: A. E. Fluck
M51620 - 1640ViewTreat ITAnalysis on data captured by the barcode medication administration system with PDA for reducing medical error at point of care in Japanese Red Cross Kochi Hospital Masanori Akiyama JAPAN Authors: M. Akiyama, A. Koshio & N. Kaihotsu
P21630 - 1700ViewGovern ITInnovation and Technology: Securing our future John Grant AUSTRALIA
M31640 - 1700ViewLearn ITTwitter Q&A
M51640 -ViewTreat ITBlended clustering for health data mining Arshad Muhammad Maher AUSTRALIA Authors: A. Mehar, A. Maeder, K. Matawie & A. Ginige
GH1 & 21900 -View
Congress dinner - Plaza Ballroom (Awards and 50 year IFIP celebrations) + PEARCEY awards

Day 4 - Thursday 23rd September

RoomTimeMore DetailsStreamTopic
GH1 & 2900 - 1000View
Congress plenary keynote Session chair: Nick Tate SV Raghavan INDIA National Knowledge Network of India: An Instrument of Social Change
GH1 & 21030 - 1100View
Meeting of the National ICT Industry Alliance
PTR1030 - 1100ViewSustain ITEnvironmental business benefits through Leadership, Culture and GreenIT Phillip Nyssen AUSTRALIA
P11030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITIT's Contribution to Deliver Transformational Business Change Baden Sharples AUSTRALIA
P21030 - 1100ViewTreat ITeHealth - Beyond a hospital's Electronic Medical Record, what do we need from a consumer's perspective? Bill Vargas AUSTRALIA
P31030 - 1100ViewLearn ITAnd they were thinking? Basic, Logo, Personality and Pedagogy John Murnane AUSTRALIA Authors: J. Murnane
P41030 - 1100ViewTrust ITCyberspace - a matter of national security Marcus Sachs USA
P51030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITContext-based Probabilistic Scene Interpretation Bernd Neumann GERMANY Authors: B. Neumann & K. Terzic
M11030 - 1130ViewValue ITInvited talk: A calculus for power-aware multicast communications in ad hoc networks Sabina Rossi ITALY Chair: Catuscia Palamidessi
M21030 - 1100ViewDeliver ITA Collaborative Decision Support Model for Marine Safety and Security Operations Piper Jackson CANADA Authors: U. Glässer , P. Jackson, A. Khalili Araghi, H. Wehn & H. Yaghoubi Shahir
M31030 - 1230ViewLearn ITAGORA Workshop Learning communities and knowledge management Sindre Rosvik NORWAY (AGORA Chair) Panel: Bernard Cornu, Raymond Morel, Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo, Barbara Kedzierska, Johannes Magenheim
M41030 - 1100ViewTrust ITPurpose - based access control policies and conflicting analysis Hua Wang AUSTRALIA Authors: H. Wang, L. Sun & V. Varadharajan
M51030 - 1050ViewTreat ITFlexible genome retrieval for supporting in-silico studies of endobacteria-AMFs Stefania Montani ITALY Authors: S. Montani, G. Leonardi, S. Ghignone & L. Lanfranco
M61030 - 1050ViewDeliver ITMaking a good (Virtual) first impression: the use of visuals in online impression management and creating identity performances Erika Pearson NEW ZEALAND Authors: E. Pearson
M71030 - 1100ViewGovern ITProcess Model of Customer-Centric E-Government Enabled Service Transformation: Insights from MINDEF's Portal Implementation Experience Satish Krishnan SINGAPORE Authors: S. Krishnan, B. C.C. Tan & S. L. Pan
M81030 - 1530ViewPlay ITDoomsplay
M91030 - 1530ViewPlay ITDEXTRIS
F11030 - 1120ViewPlay ITJoint presentation: Game Development Studio Start-Up's: A Practical Guide George Fidler AUSTRALIA & The changing face of games and game development Morgan Jaffit AUSTRALIA
M51050 - 1110ViewTreat ITMedicare-Grid: new trends on the development of E-Health System based on Grid Technology Po-Chi Shih TAIWAN Authors: Y. Chung, P. Shih, K. Li, C. Yang, C. Hsu, F. Hsu, D. Yang, C. Wen & C. Chiu
M61050 - 1110ViewDeliver ITVirtuality improves the well being of seniors through increasing social interaction Oliver Burmeister AUSTRALIA Authors: O. Burmeister
P31055 - 1120ViewLearn ITThe Life and Growth of Year 12 Computing in Victoria: An Ecological Model Arthur Tatnall AUSTRALIA Authors: A. Tatnall & B. Davey
P51055 - 1120ViewDeliver ITFull text search engine as scalable k-nearest neighbor recommendation system Pavol Navrat SLOVAKIA Authors: J.S uchal & P. Návrat
PTR1100 - 1130ViewSustain ITBuildings come clean: itÂ’s time to see the data! Craig Roussac AUSTRALIA
P11100 - 1130ViewDeliver ITConfronting the CIO Leadership Challenge - Making a Difference or Fading away! Darin Brumby AUSTRALIA
P21100 - 1130ViewTreat ITeHealth in Australia - The Way Forward Adam Powick AUSTRALIA
P41100 - 1130ViewTrust ITCase Studies in applied information security Richard Johnson AUSTRALIA
M21100 - 1130ViewDeliver ITCombining software and hardware LCS for lightweight on-chip learning Andreas Bernauer GERMANY Authors: A. Bernauer, J. Zeppenfeld, O. Bringmann, A. Herkersdorf & W. Rosenstiel
M41100 - 1130ViewTrust ITDelegation in Predicate Encryption Supporting Disjunctive Queries Dongdong Sun AUSTRALIA Authors: D. Sun, C. Boyd, N. J. Gonzalez
M71100 - 1130ViewGovern ITICT-based improvement of construction procurement process Olli Martikainen FINLAND Authors: R. Halonen
M51110 - 1130ViewTreat ITA 'Ubiquitous Environment' through Wireless Voice/Data Communication and a Fully Computerized Hospital Information System in a University Hospital Eisuke Hanada JAPAN Authors: E. Hanada, S. Tsumoto & S. Kobayashi
M61110 - 1130ViewDeliver ITThe tragedy of the virtual commons as manifested in the death of blogs John Lenarcic AUSTRALIA Authors: J. Lenarcic & P. Sarkar
P31120 - 1145ViewLearn ITHistory of the European Computer Driving Licence Denise Leahy & Dudley Dolan IRELAND Authors: D. Leahy & D. Dolan
P51120 - 1145ViewDeliver ITDeveloping Intelligent Environments with OSGi and JADE Paulo Novais PORTUGAL Authors: D. Carneiro, P. Novais, R. Costa & J. Neves
F11120 - 1130ViewPlay ITDiscussion
PTR1130 - 1200ViewSustain ITImproving Efficiency past Virtualisation and Blade Computing Glenn Gore AUSTRALIA
P11130 - 1200ViewDeliver ITCulture and Leadership for Performance in an ICT Service Company Peter Effeney AUSTRALIA
P21130 - 1200ViewTreat ITThe e-Health Vision. How can the Health System take advantage of IT John Neville AUSTRALIA
P41130 - 1200ViewTrust ITMalware analysis and detection Paul Ducklin AUSTRALIA
M11130 - 1200ViewValue ITOptimisation:Chair: Jens Chr Godkesen Approximating the non-contiguous multiple organization packing problem Pierre-Francois Dutot FRANCE Authors: M. Bougeret, P. Dutot, K. Jansen, C. Otte, & D. Trystram
M21130 - 1200ViewDeliver ITCollaborating and learning predators on a pursuit scenario Nugroho Fredivianus GERMANY Authors: N. Fredivianus, U. Richter & H. Schmeck
M41130 - 1200ViewTrust ITTagging Disclosures of Personal Data to Third Parties to Preserve Privacy Sven Wohlgemuth JAPAN Authors: S. Wohlgemuth, I. Echizen, N. Sonehara & G. Müller
M51130 - 1150ViewTreat ITTowards a diagnostic toolbox for medical communication Marcus Watson AUSTRALIA Authors: W. Billingsley, C. Gallois, A. Smith & M. Watson
M61130 - 1150ViewDeliver ITHow to measure public opinion in the networked age: working in a Googleocracy or a Googlearchy? Sean Westwood USA Authors: S. J. Westwood
M71130 - 1200ViewGovern ITThe Case for Improvisation in Information Security Risk Management Kennedy Njenga SOUTH AFRICA Authors: K. Njenga & I. Brown
F11130 - 1200ViewPlay ITSocial Gaming John Passfield AUSTRALIA
P31145 - 1210ViewLearn ITA Brief History of the Pick Environment in Australia Stasys Lukaitis AUSTRALIA Authors: S. Lukaitis
P51145 - 1230ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
M51150 - 1210ViewTreat ITMILXView: A medical imaging, analysis and visualization platform Neil Burdett AUSTRALIA Authors: N. Burdett, J. Fripp, P. Bourgeat, O. Acosta, P. Raniga & O. Salvado
M61150 - 1210ViewDeliver ITA Multidiscipline Approach to Governing Virtual Property Theft in Virtual Worlds Nicholas Patterson AUSTRALIA Authors: N. C. Patterson & M. Hobbs
PTR1200 - 1230ViewSustain ITTeaching sustainable ICT competencies with tablet computers: my first year's experience setting the global standard for green ICT professional education Tom Worthington AUSTRALIA
P11200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITEngaging an Agile Software Team Chris Murphy AUSTRALIA
P21200 - 1230ViewTreat ITThe role of e-Health in health reform Judy Anderson AUSTRALIA
P41200 - 1230ViewTrust ITUnsolveable problems in computer security Peter Gutmann NEW ZEALAND
M11200 - 1230ViewValue ITImproving the competitive ratios of the seat reservation problem Kazuya Okamoto JAPAN Authors: S. Miyazaki & K. Okamoto
M21200 - 1230ViewDeliver ITSelSta - a biologically inspired approach for self-stabilizing humanoid robot walking Bojan Jakimovski GERMANY Authors: B. Jakimovski, M. Kotke, M. Hörenz & E. Maehle
M41200 - 1230ViewTrust ITk-Shares: A Privacy Preserving Reputation Protocol for Decentralized Environments Omar Hasan FRANCE Authors: O. Hasan, L. Brunie & E. Bertino
M71200 - 1230ViewGovern ITDiscussion
F11200 - 1230ViewPlay ITStarCraft and e-sports: My time as a professional gamer in Korea Peter Neate AUSTRALIA
P31210 - 1230ViewLearn ITTurning points in computer education Bill Davey AUSTRALIA Authors: B. Davey & K. Parker
M51210 - 1230ViewTreat ITDiscussion
M61210 - 1230ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
PTR1330 - 1400ViewSustain ITSustainable IT and data centres at Telstra - driving change for economical and ecological benefit Jon Curry AUSTRALIA
P11330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITThe Agile Revolution: A cultural and critical challenge for ITC Rob Thomsett AUSTRALIA
P21330 - 1400ViewTreat ITTranslating research into outcomes: eHealth research programs for health system adoption Phil Gurney AUSTRALIA
P31330 - 1350ViewLearn ITExistence Precedes Essence - Meaning of the Stored-Program Concept Allan Olley CANADA Authors: A. Olley
P41330 - 1355ViewTrust ITOnline crime law enforcement Det Supt Brian Hay AUSTRALIA
P51330 - 1400ViewDeliver ITBee Hive At Work: Following A Developing Story On The Web Anna Bou Ezzeddine SLOVAKIA Authors: P. Navrat & A. Bou Ezzeddine
M11330 - 1400ViewValue ITA semiring-based, compositional approach to the analysis of information leakage David Clark UNITED KINGDOM Authors: M. Boreale, D. Clark & D. Gorla
M31330 - 1350ViewLearn ITICT in Teacher Education: Developing Key Competencies in Face-to-Face and Distance Learning Ana Amelia Amorim Carvalho PORTUGAL Authors: A. A. A. Carvalho
M41330 - 1400ViewTrust ITTowards Fair Indictment for Data Collection with Self-Enforcing Privacy Mark Stegelmann NORWAY Authors: M. Stegelmann
M51330 - 1350ViewTreat ITAdvanced Telemedicine System using 3G Cellular Networks and Agent Technology Golam Sorwar AUSTRALIA Authors: G. Sorwar & A. Ali
M71330 - 1350ViewGovern ITBPM-in-the-Large -Towards a higher level of abstraction in Business Process Management John Krogstie NORWAY Authors: C. Houy, P. Fettke, P. Loos, W.M.P. van der Aalst & J. Krogstie
F11330 - 1400ViewPlay ITCreativity in the Game Industry Eve Penford-Dennis AUSTRALIA
P31350 - 1410ViewLearn ITRecession, S-curves and Digital Equipment Corporation Roger Johnson UNITED KINGDOM Authors: D. Goodwin & R. Johnson
M31350 - 1410ViewLearn ITBeyond A teacher's perspective of interacting with long-term absent students through digital communications technologies Anthony Jones AUSTRALIA Authors: A. Jones & K. Wilkie
M51350 - 1410ViewTreat ITUser Adaptivity of Biotelemetric System for ECG Measurement and Visualization Ondrej Krejcar CZECH REPUBLIC Authors: O. Krejcar, D. Janckulik, L. Motalova & K. Musil
P51355 - 1420ViewDeliver ITComputer-aided estimation for the risk of development of gastric cancer by image processing Yoshihiro Sasaki JAPAN Authors: Y. Sasaki, R. Hada, T. Yoshimura, N. Hanabata, T. Mikami & S.Fukuda
PTR1400 - 1430ViewSustain ITPragmatic Sustainability Using Information Technology John Vickers AUSTRALIA
P11400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITDriving Innovation in the 21st Century Enterprise Andrew Groth AUSTRALIA
P21400 - 1430ViewTreat ITPerformance Support to support software deployment in Healthcare Alfred Remmits THE NETHERLANDS
P51400 - 1430ViewDeliver ITGlobal insight into Web 2.0 in the workplace today Richard Turner UNITED KINGDOM
M11400 - 1430ViewValue ITA game-theoretic approach to routing under adversarial conditions Frank G Radmacher GERMANY Authors: J. Gross, F. G. Radmacher & W. Thomas
M41400 - 1430ViewTrust ITHow to enhance Privacy and Identity Management for Mobile Communities: Approach and User driven Concepts of the PICOS Project Christian Kahl GERMANY Authors: C. Kahl, K. Böttcher, M. Tschersich, S. Heim & K. Rannenberg
M71400 - 1430ViewGovern ITWhen global process fails: A grounded theory study of a case from agile engagement to compulsive outsourcing Jan Pries-Heje DENMARK Authors: J. Pries-Heje
F11400 - 1430ViewPlay ITBusiness Process Simulation In Virtual Worlds Ross Brown AUSTRALIA
P31410 - 1420ViewLearn ITETHICS: The Past, Present and Future of Socio-Technical Systems Design Matthew Warren AUSTRALIA Authors: M. Warren & S. Leitch
M31410 - 1430ViewLearn ITDesign and Implementation of Business Process Management Education: A Case in Dutch Higher Education Pascal Ravesteijn THE NETHERLANDS Authors: P. Ravesteyn & J. Versendaal
M51410 - 1430ViewTreat ITHelp me to understand your world: A reflection on the potential impact of e-health systems on the prognosis for Asperger Syndrome Rudi Harmse SOUTH AFRICA Authors: R. Harmse & D. Pottas
P51420 - 1435ViewDeliver ITIntelligent Hybrid Architecture for Tourism Services Ana Almeida PORTUGAL Authors: A. Almeida, B. Coelho & C. Martins
PTR1430 - 1500ViewSustain ITGreen IT - A Framework and Benchmarking Approach Graeme Philipson AUSTRALIA
P11430 - 1600ViewDeliver ITPanel: The IT Department is Dead sponsored by Business Aspect Moderator: Ian Birks Panellists: Chris Murphy Peter Effeney Andrew Groth Paul Campbell Brendan McLearie
P21430 - 1500ViewTreat ITICT - The Critical (Missing) Piece in the Healthcare Puzzle Peter Grant AUSTRALIA
P31430 - 1445ViewLearn ITLessons from discarded computer architectures Andrew Fluck AUSTRALIA Authors: A. Fluck
P41430 - 1445ViewTrust ITUnholy Convergences Craig Valli AUSTRALIA
M11430 - 1500ViewValue ITAn operational model for multiprocessors with caches Sanjiva Prasad INDIA Authors: S. Joshi & S. Prasad
M31430 - 1440ViewLearn ITSupporting productive integration of Web 2.0-mediated collaboration Raymond Tsoi SINGAPORE Authors: M. F. R. Tsoi
M41430 - 1500ViewTrust ITPerformance Analysis of Accumulator-based Revocation Mechanisms Jorn Lapon BELGIUM Authors: J. Lapon, M. Kohlweiss, B. De Decker & V. Naessens
M51430 - 1440ViewTreat ITMove to poster presentation session in Mezzanine Foyer
M71430 - 1500ViewGovern ITPanel discussion Process Design in an Increasingly Globalized Society: Issues and opportunities Chair: Michael Rosemann Kasper/Tjoa/Ramos/Bunker
F11430 - 1500ViewPlay ITThe Perpetual Song Mick Gordon AUSTRALIA
M31440 - 1450ViewLearn ITUniversity as an environment for shaping key teachers' competence for the Knowledge Society Barbara Kedzierska POLAND Authors: B. Kedzierska
M51440 - 1520ViewTreat ITPOSTER PRESENTATIONS 5-minute poster slots (8 poster presenters) Poster Moderator: Shigeki Kuwata
P51445 - 1510ViewDeliver ITKnowledge-Based Geo-Risk Assessment for an Intelligent Measurement System Tanja Vicovac AUSTRIA Authors: T. Vicovac, A. Reiterer, U. Egly, T. Eiter & D. Rieke-Zapp
P31450 - 1510ViewLearn ITAndrew D Booth - Britain's Other 'Fourth Man' Roger Johnson UNITED KINGDOM Authors: R. Johnson
M31450 - 1500ViewLearn ITNeed for the Intercultural Awareness in Erasmus Mobility - Administrative Point of View Tatjana Welzer SLOVENIA Authors: T. Welzer, M. Družovec, M. Hölbl & M. Bona
PTR1500 - 1530ViewSustain IT3 ways to future proof your energy savings in the Data Centre Christian Bertolini AUSTRALIA
P21500 - 1530ViewTreat ITThe Flying Doctors and technology - the opportunities and challenges! Nino di Marco AUSTRALIA
P41500 - 1530ViewTrust IT"Design Thinking" in ICT security – delivering business value from fresh approaches Gil Carter AUSTRALIA
M31500 - 1510ViewLearn ITMobile Learning: Using SMS in Educational Contexts Adelina Moura PORTUGAL Authors: A. Moura & A. A. Carvalho
M41500 - 1530ViewTrust ITClosing including Students Best Paper Award and Invitation to SEC 2011 in Lucerne, Switzerland Chairs: Rossouw von Solms, Collin Armstrong
P31510 - 1530ViewLearn ITA birth of information systems Bill Davey AUSTRALIA Authors: A. Lukaitis, B. Davey & S. Lukaitis
P51510 - 1530ViewDeliver ITDiscussion
M31510 - 1530ViewLearn ITTwitter Q&A Closing by Chairs: Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo & Nicholas James Reynolds
GH1 & 21600 - 1700View
Congress Plenary keynote: Session chair: Nick Tate Envisioning work with technology Penelope Sanderson
PTR1730 - 1800ViewSustain ITACS EdXN sponsored by NICTA - Registration
PTR1800 - 2030ViewSustain ITFree software in ethics and in practise Richard Stallman

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