Monday, September 20, 2010

Future of ICT Education in Australia

Bob Hayward Greetings from the World Computer Congress 2010 in Brisbane. I am taking part in a Joint Australian Council of Deans of ICT and ACS Foundation Event to help shape the future of ICT. I am to be taking note in one of the three breakout sessions The one run by (Bob Hayward, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, CSC Australia). We will then report back to the main group and then this will be later used for submissions to government on ICT education policy. I am not sure if ACS and ACDICT hve it worked out exactly how this will be done.

An opportunity for participants to shape the future of ICT

  • Industry and universities maximising common interests
  • Exploring future mutual benefits
  • Graduate recruits meeting industry needs and expectations

ACDICT and the ACS Foundation are facilitating an event during WCC2010 to further foster and strengthen relationships between universities and the industry. The concept is that three topics of mutual interest and subject matter experts have been chosen to lead the deliberations, following which the audience will split into groups to vigorously discuss each topic area, and report back to the audience on their findings.

Maximising the Industry / University Partnership

The topics chosen are :-

1. The quality of university graduates: a joint university and industry responsibility

  • Government imposed standards
  • Maintaining quality and relevance
  • Industry’s role in teaching and assessment
  • Work integrated learning

2. Ensuring the future of ICT in Australia

  • Current and future workforce shortages
  • The profile of the future professional
  • A student-driven demand system as opposed to employer demand
  • Articulation between TAFEs, private providers and universities
  • Workplace experience of graduates

3. ICT Research: maximising benefits

  • The goals and value of research training
  • Industry and ICT research
  • Ensuring relevance
  • Effective research models

The people who will be leading these groups will be Professor Janet Verbyla, Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Southern Queensland, Bob Hayward, Chief Technology & Information Officer, CSC Australia & Asia, and Phil Robertson, Chief Operating Officer, NICTA, respectively.

Benefits to participants

  • Contribution to document for government policy advice
  • Deep interaction with colleagues
  • Gaining new perspectives


All discussions will be compiled into a document suitable for influencing future government policy and distributed to all attendees.

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