Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Context and Critical Thinking in Course Design

At the 2010 ACT MoodlePosium in Canberra next week, I am chairing the Friday morning "Andragogy" session featuring Margaret Robson (CIT) on "Engaging learners by incorporating critical thinking and reflection" and Srinivas Chemboli (ANU) on "Contextualising learning outcomes and course design in Moodle". I need to introduce the speakers, and while these are people I know, I did not want to make the mistake of assuming I knew of all the accomplishments, so here is what I found with a search:

Margaret RobsonMargaret Robson, Education Designer, Flex:Ed, Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), Canberra

Margaret Robson has worked with flexible and online learning at CIT since 1997, firstly whilst teaching in the Department of Software Development and more recently in Teacher Education where she used Web 2.0 social networking tools to re-engineer programs to provide multiple learning pathways.

She has published IT workbooks to support flexible learning programs.

Margaret co-facilitated the Flexible Learning Leaders online network throughout 2000 and 2001 and holds a Graduate Diploma of Computing, a Master of Education and a Graduate Certificate of Facilitating and Managing Elearning.

Expertise: education design, resource development to meet learning goals, professional development facilitation.

From: Who are Flex:Ed?, CIT, 2010

This book supports ICAITU019C and ICPMM65dA in Certificate III and IV in Information
Technology (Software Applications) ICA30199.

Copyright Margaret Robson, October 2002. Revised January 2006.
Author : Margaret Robson
ISBN : 1-74123-151-5

Srinivas Chemboli, Postgraduate Student / Educational Technologist, OESG,College of Engineering and Computer Science, The Australian National University, Canberra

Srinivas Chemboli is a PhD student in the ANU School of Computer Science, researching effective capture and reuse of intellectual effort in scientific workflows. He is also an Educational Technologist in the Online Environment Support Group (OESG) in the Division of Information at the ANU.

From: Presentation for Wattle Wednesday, 2010

Omnispective Analysis and Reasoning: An epistemic approach to scientific workflows ...


From: Srinivas Chemboli, College of Engineering and Computer Science, ANU , 2010

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