Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Wireless Broadband in Australian outback

Huawei's 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Report makes interesting reading. This mentions use of wireless broadband by Optus for Bridging the Digital Divide in outback Australia.
  1. Message from Huawei Executive Management Team
  2. Corporate Overview
  3. CSR Highlights in 2009
  4. Stakeholder Engagements
  5. CSR Strategy and Management
  6. Environmental Protection
  7. Bridging the Digital Divide
  8. Supply Chain
  9. People
  10. Social Contributions
Huawei also makes claims about Environmental Protection, but unfortunately these do not appear to be substantiated. As an example Huawei claimed to have finished evaluating the lifecycle of major products, but presented no evidence to support this claim. Also Huawei claimed to have a "Green Product Certification Program" but provided no details as to what standards certification was being done, or what independent organisation undertook the certification (it would be meaningless for Huawei to certify itself).

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