Friday, August 28, 2009

Creative Industries Content for the Digital Education Revolution

Public Sphere #3: Australian ICT & Creative Industries Development is now taking place in Wollongong and online. One issue I would like to see addressed is government and industry strategies for the creative industries to be involved in producing content for education, thus providing synergy with the Government's Digital Education Revolution.

Ideally, Australian industry can produce educational content for use in Australian schools, universities and TAFES, and the for use around the world. One problem with this is that the creative industry policies tend to emphasise entertainment and culture, seeing education and not very interesting or profitable. But Australia is spending billions of dollars on equipping schools for computer and Internet assisted education. It would be a shame if all this system delivered was booring and not relivant content from the USA and the UK.

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  1. Sounds suspiciously like Keating's Creative Nation... ;-)