Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Operation Sunlight Briefing

Greetings from the Operation Sunlight Briefing in Canberra. Operation Sunlight is an initiative from the Australian Minister for Finance to make government budgetary processes more transparent. Unfortunately while there is a lot of documentation, none of it seems to clearly set out exactly what the object of the exercise is. It would helps if there were examples of how this will help the community, particularly during the global financial crisis.

What are the key objectives of Operation Sunlight?

Operation Sunlight has six key objectives:
  1. Tightening the outcomes and outputs framework;
  2. Changing the Budget Papers to improve their readability and usefulness;
  3. Improving the transparency of estimates;
  4. Expanding the reach of budget reporting;
  5. Improving inter-generational reporting; and
  6. Improving inter-generational reporting; and
  7. Improving the financial framework
From: Operation Sunlight, Department of Finance and Deregulation, 20 March, 2009

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