Monday, January 26, 2009

ICT Management Handbook for Developing Nations

ICT Management Handbook - A Guide for Government officers in Bangladesh, by Gregor, S., Imran, A., and Turner, T.At the lunch for Professor Geoff Walsham, at the ANU National Centre for Information Systems Research (NCISR), Ahmed Imran handed me a brochure for the eGovernment capacity building through knowledge transfer in Bangladesh project (PSLP eGov). This is AusAID funded project to improve transparency and efficiency in the Bangladesh public sector. Two deliverables from the project are the report "A Strategic Pathway to Success" and the training course "ICT Management Handbook - A Guide for Government officers in Bangladesh". Unfortunately I was unable to find a copy of "eGovernment for Bangladesh", but the content of the ICT Management course are provided online.

ICT Management is a 14 hour course. It consists of four modules, each 3.5 hours:
  1. Introduction to eGovernment
  2. The ICT Business Case
  3. Project Management
  4. Managing the Outcome
Presentation slides and additional readings, are provided for each module. Unfortunately the slides are provided as excessively large PDF files (3.8 Mbytes for eight pages).

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