Thursday, December 04, 2008

Replacing iBurst wireless broadband

iBurst are shutting down their proprietary WiMax-like wireless network in Australia by 19 December 2008. Any suggestions as to a wireless broadband service to change to? Preferably one which slows the link when the monthly download limit is reached, rather than charging per Mbyte.

Currently I have the desktop iBurst unit. This is not as portable as a USB dongle, but has the advantage of an Ethernet connection, so no special software is needed in the PC and it can be shared between several computers using a router.

Virgin offer a $39 a month deal with a free USB dongle and 5Gb of data. There are some routers which work with USB dongles, but I don't know what model USB dongle Virgin use in Australia. According to one discussion on Whirlpool forum the Billion BiPAC 7402GXL dual-interface ADSL2+ / Mobile Broadband router is compatible with the Virgin USB modem.

Virgin also offer "broadband at home", with a mains powered router which also provides a phone connection, for $60 a month. The catch is that it is not mobile: that is while it uses the same mobile network as the USB dongle and there is nothing technically stopping you moving it, Virgin require you to advise them if you move house.

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