Sunday, December 14, 2008

Interactive Presentation on Carbon Footprint

A "flowgram" interactive "Presentation on Carbon Footprint Project-Basic Understanding" is available. This uses the
Adobe Flash Player to provide audio synchronised with web based content in the web browser.

Unlike some video based tools, Flowgram shows the actual web page in a frame in the web browser, not just an image captured of the page. In this case the narrator describes carbon footprint while pages from the US EPA are displayed. Text from the web page is highlighted as the narration continues. You can pause the presentation, rewinf and fast forward like a video.

You can also click on links in the displayed web page to break out of the confines of the prepared presentation. However, if you click to go elsewhere it is difficult to find your way back to the presentation. When you do get back to the presentation, it starts from the beginning, not where you left off.

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